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Thursday 21 June 2012

So, who thought Sunita and Dev were still wed?

I think I knew that Sunita and Dev were no longer married, so it didn't come as too much of a shock last night when Sunita proposed to Dev and asked her to marry him. The only surprise was that she asked him at all, after he's ignored her and patronised her for years. But she's desperate, this is soap, so let's press on and remind ourselves how it went wrong for Sunita and Dev the first time around.

They married, if you remember back in 2004. Their ceremony came complete with a white horse in a full Hindu ceremony. Watch it on YouTube here. After she said "I do", Sunita was whisked about by the cops in mad Maya's illegal immigrants scam that she'd unkowingly become part of.

Then Sunita fell pregnant with the twins and life with Dev seemed fine for a while. Well, that's until she found out that Dev had fathered loads of kids by loads of women all over Weatherfield, many of whom he had housed and given jobs at his various shops. Sunita left Dev and let's face it, who can blame her?

The Alahan divorce took place off-screen after Sunita left the Street.  So there you go. They're both single, although living together and back together despite not being in love with each other.

Will they, should they, get wed again? 

But never mind that, back to that white horse they had at their first wedding. You can hire it, you know and it's got its own website at

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Maybe it's Shobna's own personality coming through but Sunita has always seemed highly intelligent. Perhaps her family didn't believe girls should have an education so she settled for Dev and the inevitable unfulfilment. There is perhaps a back story there which might explain more about Sunita's current situation. Whether it's a good idea or not for the couple doesn't concern me so much as why we have this repetition: Steve & Karen, Ken & Deirdre, Kevin & Sally. OK, those story lines span a few years but it does seem a bit of a cop-out for this latest couple to remarry. What the family needs is a fresh start miles from Coronation Street with Dev and Sunita as co-directors of a new business.

Anonymous said...

Poor Dev..crying his eyes out and that as a cucumber. She needs to quit the bar though and get back to her shop.

I am glad the Karl/Sunita affair is finally over...or is it?

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for the wedding horse - he looks sad in thse photos. Yes, a wedding horse can look sad!

As for Sunita and Dev, she must have holes in her head to ask him to marry her seconds after ending her affair and he is such a drama queen, I want him to go far, far away (and take his annoying kids with him!).

Anonymous said...

I really hope those aunties dont come back

Frosty the Snowman said...

When Sunita - who always seems a bit gormless to me rather than intelligent - first came into the Street it was to escape an arranged marraige and Dev helped her and gave her a job in the shop.

Yes they should get married again and MOVE AWAY. Never has a family been so exhausted and past their sell by than the Alahans.

Anonymous said...

If the outcome of them getting married is to GO AWAY for good, then yes please get them hitched asap. I'd even tolerate the aunties for a couple of episodes if I knew that none of them would ever be back on the show. God awful actors & storylines.

Kate said...

I really don't think they should. Neither of them treat the other well, and they don't love each other! If that isn't an argument against marriage, I don't know what is.

I've liked seeing more of Sunita's personality within the last few months, but I don't like the sleazy direction it's gone. Having her pick up a new hobby, or maybe complete some sort of degree/certificate via correspondence and discover another side to her would've been a better option.

As for Div, he's always been one of my least favourite characters and always will be. Absolutely cringe-worthy.

Cobblestone said...

An, oh look, there's Dev's mother on the wedding photo ... looking bewilderingly like Sunita's aunty. There are 1.2 billion people in India, so you can;t blame a limited gene-pool ...

Anonymous said...

So who thinks Sunita is going to find herself up the stump?


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