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Friday 22 June 2012

Coronation Street Tours - the correct information

If you're coming to Manchester and would like to know what fan sights you can see - and what's closed to the public - check out our Coronation Street Blog post right here. It's all there, all correct, all bang up to date. 

This blog post has been put together by yours truly along with suggestions sent in by other Corrie fans. If you read this elsewhere on the internet, it means they've nicked it from us - shame on them!  If you can add to this list, do please let me know.

Visit the exterior of the Granada TV  Building on Quay Street. On the entrance, up the steps leading into the building are blue plaques dedicated to some of the Corrie classic actors.  Well worth a look.

Corrie walking tours around Manchester are operated by the following:
New Manchester Walks
Visit Manchester 

Also check Mark Llewllin's blog for any upcoming Corrie locations tours by coach - his tours are fab! The next coach tour is on Friday July 27 and run by Elite Coaches. Check out details here.

Places to visit in central Manchester:

The Old Grapes pub owned by Liz Dawn (Vera Duckworth) on Little Quay St.
The Lass O'Gowrie pub in Charles Street.  The Lass is a very Corrie-friendly pub with Corrie artwork on the walls and some of their real-ales named after Corrie characters. Well worth a visit. Their website is here.

Further out from Manchester:
The Navigation Inn, once owned by Pat Phoenix (Elsie Tanner)
The Lantern Pike Inn, where Tony Warren wrote his first Corrie scripts
Doris Speed's house, commemorated by Manchester City Council with a plaque

If you can add to this list of places for Corrie fans to visit when they're in Manchester or the surrounding area, do please leave a comment below, with a weblink if you can, and I'll add details in.

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Anonymous said...

the tram is ant in the museum yet as i have been lest week and i couldn't see it and i looked every were in the museum

martin Spencer

MrsBarton said...

insider tip- if you go to the Science and Industry museum (MOSI) and go upstairs in the free exhibitions you can look out the window and see the street, it overlooks it.

Glenda Young said...

Thanks Martin, I've updated the post.

Mrs Barton - is that still the case as the last I heard was that they'd closed off that viewing area to the public?

MrsBarton said...

Last time I went there, admittedly a few months ago, you could still see it. It's not a purpose built viewing thingy, just an accidental sliver of street visible through a window...

Anonymous said...

A little update - The Old Grapes is no longer owned by Liz Dawn and the new owners recently removed all the Corrie memorabilia from the walls.

Anonymous said...

Can we go in to the street to look around? Do they do tours of the set? Is there a place where the cast can be found to say hi to?
I'm visiting the area next week from Cornwall & would love to go inside.

Unknown said...

we are coming over from Australia , so realy would like to take art in a tour? will there be any in First week of july.

Anonymous said...

Hi, heading over in July, are there tours of the street that this wee kiwi from New Zealand can book to get her fix on her favourite show!

Tvor said...

There are no local tours of the set but you can see if Mark Llewellin is doing any of the locations tours.


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