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Monday 18 June 2012

Coronation Street episode review, Monday 18 June 2012

If there was a call for the nomination of the star of tonight's show, it would surely have to be Eva. This young woman is moving from relative bit part player to star turn. Tonight she played an integral part. She may think she is, but in reality she's not the most subtle person in the cast, which is part of her charm.

She complained to her mother about lack of bathroom access, clearly placing the blame squarely on Sunita's shoulders. True, Sunita does have hot water a few doors away and fluffy towels and Sunita cannot be impervious to the resentment of Karl and co. The radio on in the middle of the night, or to quote Eva, 'at daft o'clock' must have been very irritating when there is no room for 'a live-in barmaid.'

Maybe Sunita's motive in staying at the Rovers is purely to panic Karl who is most definitely on edge.All of a sudden though Dev takes on the role of the world's best husband, which is obviously a dig at Karl. She declares to Stella that she's going back to Dev, saying there are some 'real scumbags out there.' However, Sunita's ode to Dev smacks of resounding insincerity. 'He's not cruel or vindictive,doesn't play mind games and he's never, never nasty.'

Self-pity though is never attractive and Sunita loses sympathy in this episode; what little sympathy she had left that is. 'Meaningless sex with meaningless Sunita,' barks the adulteress. She was after all a willing participant and even on occasion the instigator so it seems a little unfair now to cast Karl as the evil one, not that his behaviour is in anyway praiseworthy or superior to Sunita's. They are both as guilty as each other and the fall-out will surely come with Eva, no doubt, about to kick it all off as she overhears Karl and Sunita at the bitter end of the affair. 'I'm not keeping your grubby little secrets any more,' declares Sunita. 'Get Stella some bling, an eternity ring maybe.' Good of her really to give the money back, many wouldn't; they'd call it a trade off. We just know that Karl telling Eva to 'Mind your own,' will only make her more determined to find out exactly what has been going on.      

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Anonymous said...

Another fab review - thanks! Here across the pond, I'm just watching Sunita getting drunk and dancing on top of some man's car. The drunk routine was really silly. Like embarrassingly silly. And convenient that the fellas came outside just moments after she'd climbed up there and a copper happened by! Yikes. I now feel the cringe that folk have been discussing in describing the Karl and Sunita saga...

Dilly Daydream said...

Did I blink and miss a bit last night? One minute Sunita was packed up and went home. Next minute, she was back in t'Rovers and chucking Karl's money at him. So wasn't Dev in then?

Dilly Daydream said...

PS Eva is growing on me more & more.

Frosty the Snowman said...

How nasty has Leanne suddenly become listening to the interfering "Grandma" Stella? Peter made a massive sacrifice and she is already calling the shots and not even letting him see his NATURAL son for an hour. She wouldnt have a leg to stand on legally. Hard faced cow.


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