Sunday, 26 December 2010

2011: A fresh start?

At the moment, Corrie seems very Tracy orientated, but I personally think (hope) that they tone her down after New Years Eve as at the moment she is way over the top (it's a bad way to reintroduce a character - thrusting them into the center of the show.) Anyway, here we go, teasers for upcoming storylines in 2011!

  • In 2011 we will see the introduction of Sylvie Cropper, who is said to be the new Blanche! (I hope so!)
  • Will Gary be able to battle his demons? Or will his demons spell bad news for his family?
  • Tommy Duckworth will turn up on the street, once again bringing the Duckworth name back to Coronation Street.
  • The street is set to be rebuilt - what will change? Will Dev reopen the Corner Shop? Will Norris decide to stay in the mobile shop buisness (not likely!) will the Joinery reopen?
  • Frank Foster will turn up in 2011 as a buisness associate of Carla Connor, I'm hoping he will develop into a Danny Baldwin style character, either say, it will be interesting to have new blood in the factory.
  • Speaking of the factory, will John's secrets come to light?
  • Finally, how will Claire and the boys leave the street? I've heard whispers that it wont be what we're expecting!


Anonymous said...

About Claire: been watching a bunch of old episodes and at first was surprised at how long Annie Walker and Hilda Ogden continued after their spouses died. But that's reality, isn't it? Claire just might continue on in the community. I think she's lost her French adventure desire, and I think she's finding that the community she felt was against her is worth much more to her than she believed.

Chewy said...

I'd have liked to have seen Claire carry on too, it's a shame that she's leaving - but her exit sounds memorable

Frosty the Snowman said...

Claire is well past her sell by and has been for a long time with her shrewish behaviour but where on earth is her mother? Considering she was about to up sticks and live with her and France is a short hop across the channell, it beggars belief that she wouldnt be by her side and that she is living with Becky and Steve.

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