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Sunday 19 December 2010

Kevin Webster - did he have it coming?

Corrie producer Phil Collinson promised us viewers that we'd see several families' lives changed forever thanks to the tram crash, and clearly the Websters are among them. They've got it all going on at the moment, haven't they? Molly Dobbs' deathbed revelation to Sally about Kevin being baby Jack's dad has been a bombshell and it's given all the cast concerned an opportunity to act their socks off. Sally Dynevor's been especially good and it's been great to see her with more to do than merely look sour-faced and carp at the factory.
Alan Halsall's also been really good as Tyrone. And what about Michael Le Vell as Kevin? He's one of these Corrie characters that have been around for so long, pretty much ticking along in the same old way, that they get taken for granted. Until the Molvin debacle, Kevin seemed a fairly amiable character, despite the several obligatory-in-Corrie affairs over the years, pottering around at the Garage and being a good enough dad and a good enough mate. But that's all over now, and Sally and "the girls" have kicked him out. What's to become of him?
Did he deserve to end up getting thumped and toppling into his ex-lover's grave ? To be honest, I'm still not sure how I feel about that part. It was almost a black comedy moment, but not quite.
It feels to me like the production team are relishing their self-appointed task of doing a demolition job on some of the Corrie cornerstones. Fair enough. But don't go too far, is my opinion. The next few weeks will reveal whether their "chuck 'em into the air and let's see where the pieces fall" approach has paid off.
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Frosty the Snowman said...

'fraid so. It was Kevin that ran after Molly "so soon out of her wedding dress" as Auntie Pam so succicntly put it. Plus the DNA test without her consent and the anouncement to her that he was in fact the father lit the blue touch paper, he has been responsible in a way for Molly's death, I hope this isnt brushed under the carpet and he is back with Sally after a few weeks.

Chewy said...

He deserves what he got, only now in retrospect, I see just what a "bastard" as Tyrone put it, he was

I like the direction his character has been taken though, it was all too easy to just keep him sat around doing nothing in the garage

Anonymous said...

I read that he will fight dirty to keep baby jack but the last we saw was sally giving jack to tyrone, so dunno whats going on there and i know that he goes back to the house for christmas, i wonder if he will have jack over christmas.

Tvor said...

Oh i do believe he had this all coming and more! He did run after Molly and she just went with it for the fun and excitement at first, i think. He was infatuated, a mid life crisis. He did the right thing staying with Sally because he got shocked into realizing he really did love her after all but with the baby turning out to be his, but he still didn't want to know Molly! Tyrone was his best friend and business partner! Oh yes, he deserved everything he's got so far and more.

bbhilda said...

I never understood why he had the burning need to know if he was the father if he didn't plan to step up to the plate if he was. She was trying her best to make it work with Tyrone, and it was only after she found out that Jack wasn't his, that she felt she had to leave him.

Yes, he deserved everything he got, but I think Sally will weaken and take him back. Possibly raise Jack too. But where will all this leave Tyrone?


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