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Tuesday 21 December 2010

Coronation Street Weekly Update Dec. 16 - 20

 This past week was every bit as emotional as anniversary week was, didn't you think?

Ashley's funeral was this week though we didn't actually see it. Graeme did the eulogy, helped by Tina who took notes in the caff while Graeme told her what Ashley meant to him. Thanks to Norris, Claire found out that Nick may be to blame for the gas explosion since he didn't report a problem and she spent most of the week angry and raging at him every chance she got.

Ken and Deirdre, with Peter barely making it though, also had a word though were far less if Nick didn't feel bad enough already between the guilt about the dodgey gas and losing Leanne to Peter Barlow. In the end, though, Claire realized that she can't blame Nick or she'll be eaten by anger. She told Nick that she knows he would never have knowingly caused the accident and certainly didn't want anyone to die. She'll forgive eventually but not quite yet.

Nick was visited by investigators, which was when he found out that it's the law that you have to report any problem with gas at all. Oh dear. He's also been lurking around trying to get a bit of face time with Leanne but she's completely focussed on Peter, who, miraculously, survived the surgery and has come around. There is a complication, however. He won't be able to walk for a bit but is assured that with lots of physical therapy and patience, he'll learn to walk again. Peter isn't the most patient of patients and is already chomping to get out of hospital. Ken and Deirdre invite the new Barlow family to stay with them while Peter recovers. He and Leanne can use Blanche's downstairs room as there's no stairs.

The other big story, was, of course, the reveal over the grave that Kevin is baby Jack's father. Sally spent the week sniping at Kevin though nobody really knew why other than Rita. She even took Tyrone and the baby in when the baby was released from hospital since Tyrone couldn't face the empty house. But then, at Molly's funeral, Kevin was forced to finish Tyrone's eulogy and it angered her so much that she walked out. Tyrone watched them argue outside the church, curious.

At the graveside, Sally again couldn't stay and watch and again, she walked away. When the little box of earth came round to Kevin, you could see that he was upset and grieving (finally! I did wonder if that was going to happen). Tyrone noticed and a Christmas Miracle happened, Tyrone caught the penny that dropped, put two and two together and correctly came up with the answer.

He was incensed that Kevin was the one that betrayed him, something Kevin couldn't deny, that he laid into him and ended up thumping him so soundly that Kevin landed inside the grave on top of the coffin! Now everyone knows the truth and Sally threw Kevin out of the house.

He spent the night in his car. The next day there was a loud argy-bargy on the doorstep and he forced his way back into the house, begging to be allowed to stay. Sally called the police but in the end, she allowed him to stay, for just one night. He says he's got nowhere to go. Where does his father live? Does Bill live with Pam? I can see why he probably couldn't stay there in those circumstances.

When Gail, who was babysitting Jack, brings him back, Tyrone won't have him. Sally finally insists that Tyrone take the innocent babe, because he does love him. Ty is not having an easy time trying to accept the lad, though, nor is he having an easy time dealing with all the good-hearted neighbours that keep dropping in to help. He pushes them all away and ends up alone with a baby that isn't his.

In other news, Dev has told people that their shop was looted and cash stolen from the safe. The CCTV was destroyed so there's no way to know who did it. Becky can't seem to look anyone in the eye when the subject is raised because she gave Kylie the cash in exchange for the return of little Max and Steve figures it out. He's so angry that he walks out and suggests that the marraige may just be over.

Fiz's baby Hope has a crisis and needs a blood transfusion but the baby pulls through that. John gathers evidence from Charlotte's house and burns it but doesn't get away scot free because her parents find him at her place. He ends up going to the funeral. Fiz finds out he's going and doesn't go off on one, surprisingly, but then she doesn't know the half of it, does she? Unfortunately for John, two of his and Charlotte's former colleagues show up at the funeral (did he think nobody from the school where she worked (where he used to work as well) wouldn't show up? He manages to slither out from between the rock and the hard place with one couple calling him Colin and the other calling him John.

Michelle got back from Scotland the morning after the accident and after feeding Carla wine (Carla *did* tell her about her drink problem, but then Carla still isn't really committed to sobriety either), she found out that Carla had a thing for Peter and Leanne knows.

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