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Saturday 18 December 2010

Forgiveness in short supply on Corrie tonight

Tonight's double episode of Coronation Street was all about forgiveness, the lack thereof, that is. The focus of the episodes was Molly's funeral and boy, it didn't half skip the plot along, didn't it?

Tyrone put two and two together and correctly came up with four and sussed that Kevin was the other man and father of baby Jack. Sally was horrified at Kevin's hypocrisy and could barely stand to be in the same room as him let alone look at him or speak to him civilly. Ironically, Sally said part of her wished it was Kevin in the grave and seconds later, he was, thanks to Tyrone thumping him. Kevin's world is irreparably in a thousand bits, with even his beloved daughters turning their backs on him.

Tyrone pushed everyone away until Sally forced him to accept the baby as his own. That baby is loved by Tyrone and is where he belongs and though he's not Tyrone's by blood, he'll be what gets Ty through all this. As Sally pointed out, Tyrone knows what it's like to regard someone not of your blood as a father.

The other thing that has been bothering me that finally showed up tonight. Kevin and Molly were lovers. In spite of how it ended and in spite of Kevin rejecting her firmly, she did mean a lot to him at one time. I wondered when Kevin was actually going to grieve for her but he seemed too preoccupied in his guilt and trying to maintain damage control with Sally. Finally, at the graveside when he was about to throw dirt on the coffin, it seemed as if it finally hit him and his face was pure grief, not guilt for a change. That's also what Tyrone saw and what made him realize the truth.

Elsewhere, Nick is sinking into depression due to his guilt over the accident. Nobody seemed to be able to make him understand it was an accident and you can certainly understand that. Wouldn't you blame yourself, too? It took Claire, after a few sharp words from Rita, to tell Nick that she knows he didn't mean any harm though she wasn't ready to forgive him just yet. The unspoken words were that she would in time and so should he. Watching her confront him put a big lump in my throat, I can tell you.

We have Becky looking distinctly uncomfortable with the news that the Alahans have the police investigating the looting at the shop and when she heard that there's a possibility that the CCTV caught the thief, she was probably mentally measuring her wrists for handcuffs.

Norris was, as usual, thoroughly dislikeable in his quest for gossip, to hear it and to spread it. What a nasty little man his is!

Peter is facing some time in a wheelchair. No surprise there. It's one of the soap laws that someone surviving such a horrific accident will have a temporary disability of some sort. I had suspiciously moist eyes when Peter was talking about not being able to thank Ashley for saving his life. Leanne, too, tried to talk to Nick but he still only has eyes for her.

Fiz and John are bonding over their baby Hope, willing her to survive. Yet he still tells lies and said he had no idea when Charlotte's funeral was. I wouldn't think Fiz would think it was strange if he'd said it was Monday and she might not even be all that perturbed if he said he wanted to go as she was a former colleague. Lying is second nature to him, he can't help himself.

We had some incredible acting tonight, too. Alan Halsall in particular, blew me away and Julia Haworth, Sally Dynevor and even Michael LeVell were top notch as well. Everyone in the cast altogether seemed like one working and well oiled  unit tonight! Well done, all!


qg2010 said...

I agree tonight's episode was perfectly acted.

Anonymous said...

What brought tears to my eyes was Sally convincing Tyrone to take the baby and Tyrone unable to deny his love for the boy. I also shed tears for the break-up of the Webster family, though I despised what Kevin did. I have to admit I wondered if he's not long for the show anymore?

abbyk said...

Agree with all above, and lets add Rosie, too! Yes, hers was a smaller part tonight, but it wasn't the usual empty headed fluff. What a lovely spine she developed, standing up to her father and standing by her mom.

Apple Cobbler said...

The Molvin affair reveal made Sally sick
And it caused Tyrone Dobbs to curse
It was on before 9pm as well
But I don't think anyone cared

And now it looks like Kevin Webster's alone
The unfaithful scum's been kicked out of his home
In soaps love is not a walk in the park
You ought to ask Gail whatever her surname is now

And look! Tyrone is pushing
His ex-mate into the grave of his wife
It looks like Kevin just could
Not stay faithful to his wife

Sally will file, file, file, file, file for divorce
Sally will file, file, file, file, file for divorce
Sally will file, file, file, file, file for divorce
Cause Kevin wouldn't be worth fighting for

Frosty the Snowman said...

Although we all have sympathy for Sally, she has hardly led a blameless married life with Kev and she coulda kept her trap shut and acted with a bit of dignity and decorum for Ty's sake instead of the usual shrieking and crying and running out of the church and causing a BIG SCENE in front of everyone. That poor child.

Dolly Tubb said...

Great acting all round. Poor, poor Tyroone! But Clurr was a real star tonight. Julia Haworth is a star turn and is great in all this. She broke my heart ages ago when Ashley had her committed during her post natal depression; I'll never forget her screaming after him when he left her in hospital. There's aren'ta lot of scenes in Corrie that stand out so much for me. A sadly underused actor and, as with many characters, she really couldn't always show what she was really capable of.

triley said...

How does becky get caught on cctv when the power went off when the tram hit ???????

maggie muggins said...

triley, I would think that cctv runs on batteries as back-up for just such occasions.

Gosh, I've never warmed to Claire, but since the crash Julia Haworth has blown my socks off and kept the tears flowing. Must be a lot of folks who have lost loved ones thinking of them after watching some of her scenes. I wonder now if her & Steven Arnold just didn't suit each other as acting partners, or as their characters. I guess now I see what people mean when they say she was underused, even miscast. Ashley seemed more like an old skool Corrie guy. Claire is more complicated. Someone could write a thesis on it. (I see below someone has!)

Sally, Kevin, Tyrone & the gang just shone too. This is a golden phase for Corrie! Frosty, I don't think Sally could hold it in any longer. She was just kneeling in rubble while a "friend" died in front of her eyes after telling her the horrible truth. Pretty explosive stuff for anyone to go through. Anyway, it's sort of soap law for all weddings & funerals to have major confrontations.

Anonymous said...

I also have to agree that the acting in last night's episode was second to none, from practically everyone involved. Alan Halsall has acted his little socks off ever since Jack died, and Michael LeVell is also producing what I think is his best work ever on Corrie. I couldn't get to sleep last night worrying about them all (yes, I do know it's not real!!!)

Anonymous said...

I loved the faces Steve pulled when Becky told him Kevin was Jack's father.


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