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Monday 27 December 2010

Can’t Do This: Thu Dec 23, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by David Lane, directed by Duncan Foster

Kevin’s getting the silent treatment in his own home the morning after he’s allowed to stay “one night.”  Well, almost silent treatment.  Rosie’s giving him an earful and doesDec-23-2010-Rosie-Sally-angry he deserve it?  Yes.  When you cheat on your wife, you’re cheating on the whole family.  Kevin is still trying to get a word with Tyrone but he’s not getting an audience.

At the factory, the girls are gossiping without any subtlety about Sally’s marriage woes.  Sally tells them that if they’re going to gossip they need to get the facts straight: she hasn’t taken him back and she won’t.  Sally says it’s all terrible and its made harder by gossips.  Doesn’t gossip just make things worse?  Meanwhile, Rosie is reminding us of the greatest tragedy of all this year: people forgetting her birthday.  I mean, all she wants is smiles and presents.  Jason patronizes her when she whines about it. 

Dec-23-2010-Tryone-sad Maria finally manages to get into to Tyrone’s home since he’s sat in the corner sulking and not opening the front door for anyone.  She comes in and berates Tyrone for not opening the door then starts to feed baby Jack.  She tells him how concerned everyone is and Tyrone says he can’t do this.  Maria goes out to Freshcos to get Tyrone some food and tells him he’ll be fine.  Maria returns and Tyrone says that years ago he’d have done anything for this situation: Maria, he and a baby. Only now he’s stuck in a nightmare.  Maria tells him he’s got a baby that depends on him and he can’t let him down.  Tyrone says he can do all the work for taking care of a baby the problem is that Jack’s not his.  Tyrone doesn’t know how he can look at Jack and know that he’s not his.  As Maria leaves, Kevin sneaks his wayDec-23-2010-Kev through.  Maria tries to kick him out by Kevin pushes past.  Tyrone tells Kevin that he can take his baby (and hands over Jack) and get out of his life for good.  Tyrone then shoos Maria and Kevin out with baby Jack and smashes his house to bits in an understandable rage. 

Sophie asks her mum if she should give Kev his present as Kev walks in with baby Jack in arms.  Kev tells Sally that Tyrone doesn’t want nowt to do with baby Jack.  Sally has NO mercy for him, neither do his daughters.  Rosie has had it and declares (to a shocked Jason) that she’s moving in with Jason since she can’t live there anymore.  Kevin says he needs to shop for baby things for his son since he’s all Dec-23-2010-Steve-mad he’s got left in the world.  What about Diggory and Pam? 

Lloyd complains to Steve about their bills after all the money he took out of the business.  Steve’s got more and more worries making that hairline creep further and further back.  Steve tells Becky that she has to go since he can’t walk around pretending everything’s normal.  He tells her there’s nothing she can say that will change what she did.  Their friends and neighbours die and she loots them!  Becky is gutted when Steve kicks her out.  I’d say it’s about time.  Becky does a lot of pouty and foot stamping but Steve’s not giving over (that easily) this time.  If anyone cares – Becky goes and sulks at Roy’s so that she can get some sympathy from Hayley.  Hayley wonders what she’ll do if Steve kicks her out and she says she’ll just have to find a place for her and Max.  Dec-23-2010-Gary-sad

Gary is even more moody and dark after the army and Anna doesn’t know what to do with it all.  She tries to make small talk with him over his army issues, but he shuts her down.  Anna sees Izzy in the cafe later and asks her if she can have a word with Gary about Afghanistan.  Izzy didn’t even realize how depressed Gary was.  She says that she’ll have a word, but she’s not making any promises.  However, a haunted Gary is pulling a Tyrone as he ignores Izzy’s knocks at the door and invites for dinner. 


- Janice, upon seeing Kevin leave his home: “Well, I knew Webster [Sally] was stupid but I didn’t even think she’d take him back this quickly.”  Hayley: “Maybe she just can’t stop loving him despite what he’s done.”  Janice: “Like I said, stupid.” 

- About Becky, Steve: “I can’t even bear to look at her.”  Lloyd: “It must be bad if you prefer to look at me.”Dec-23-2010-Rosie-Jason

- Rosie: “All my life I’ve had to put up with people being more interested in Christmas than me.  What is that about?!”


- I feel sad for Claire during the holidays, but it’s only a little sad since her character is leaving soon and I never really warmed to her.  I did almost tear up when she talked about how she felt that going to France would be leaving Ashley behind… *sob* 

- How difficult is this post-military stress on the Windasses?  I really feel for Anna and Gary. 

- Janice pestering Sally about Kevin’s affair at work.  No relief!

- Kevin for being a bad dad by not even so much as texting his daughter (Rosie) on her birthday! 

- Is it just me, or does anyone have NO patience or appetite for another Becky/Steve at odds storyline?  I think that Steve should put his foot down with her as he did with her stroppy sister. 


Hello loyal readers – just wanted to make a quick note.  Apologies for my missing reviews!  For those of you who do not know, I blog from Canada and have been having some difficulties downloading the episodes lately.  Big sad, I know.  When I watch, I review however.  :-)


Frosty the Snowman said...

Good on Kevin for telling the simpering silly little Sian that their house is not a hotel, what a pointless freeloader this character is. Phil Collinson thinks these two are "role models" for teenagers, he seriously needs his bumps felt.

Please could the production team give Tracy some acting lessons, its becoming more and more embarrasing to watch!

Beth said...

Frosty the Snowman... I totally agree on both points!

Thank you for the updates! x

Kylie O'Reilly said...

I don't know what site you download from but if it is not this one then maybe you should give this site a shot - the episodes are usually up within a few hours of the broadcast - keep up the good work I love the blog xxx Hope you had a great Christmas and best wishes for the New Year

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reviews Yoork.. much appreciated!
Rebecca from TO

brothasoap said...

I thought it was both cool and mature that Sian was taken in to the Webster household, given the issues her family had with the sexuality. And since Sian is supposed to be a high school aged (?) girl, it makes sense that she doesn't contribute much, since, you know, she's a student. I don't know any high school, or college aged kids, with functional familial relationships, who are expected to contribute significantly to their household.

What didn't make sense was a man who needed to be working towards making amends with his family, going the path of more destruction. Because it's not bad enough that you cheat on your wife and have a baby with your mistress, you've got to go the extra mile by alienating your fragile gay daughter & her girlfriend as well, just for good measure.

Self righetous anger - that's the essence of the holiday spirit!


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