Monday, 20 December 2010

Santa Fred and his reindeer

As this is Christmas week, join me in the Wayback Machine for a look at one of my favourite funny scenes from Christmas past. You may recall that Elliott's Butchers had a corner of Freshcos back before the free standing butcher shop was opened in Victoria Street. The two overlapped for a short while but we haven't seen the grocery store shop since and the empire seems to consist of just the one shop, soon to be a memory, it seems.

Anyway, one Christmas Fred got a job lot of reindeer meat that he was trying to flog to the customers and made Ashley dress up like an elf to distribute samples. I don't know how Steven Arnold managed to keep a straight face in this scene, part of which went something like this:

Fred: "COME ON ASHLEH! SHIFT YERSELF!" (Ashley approaches) "Excellent!"
Ashley can't hear with the rubber ears on: "You wha?"
Fred tries again "EXCELLENT!"
Ashley: "Well you might think so".
Fred, handing him a plate of meat samples on toothpicks "Now the world awaits the latest innovation from Elliott's so get mingling.  And think on..If anybody asks what it is, remember it's sommat new but don't tell 'em what it is until they've  actually 'ad a taste. You know what folk are like...they've got small minds!"

Curly approaches, takes the mick out of Ashley and tries the sample and is subsequently horrified that it's reindeer though it was tasty. Fred points out that it's cheap, low in fat and high in protein. Curly allows it, but reminds them to keep it away from Santa's Grotto!


In rememberence of Ashley Peacock and Fred Elliott.


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Corrie do lovely, silly scenes like this now instead of so much angst?

Anonymous said...

Corrie comedy is the best.

My very favourite Christmas scene was the one where Derek (dressed as Father Christmas) had to get out of a locked building via the roof and an inebriated Jack looked up to see him clinging there. Very short clip but so much humour in it.

Chewy said...

Sad to think both Fred and Ashley are dead now D:

Tvor said...

Yes i remember the Derek scene well. Another wonderful Christmas scene was in the old Cafe where throughout the episode, more and more Santas gathered for a hot choc after their stints in the grottos and poor Roy came in looking quite bewildered at all the red clad Father Christmases.

There was one other one where Jason had got a job as an elf in a grotto and Tyrone, Todd and Kirk popped up to make fun of him.

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