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Thursday 30 December 2010

My Corrie Collection for 2010

Inspired by Flaming Nora's post about Coronation Street Christmas gifts, I've gathered together my hoard of Corrie goodies I was lucky enough to receive.

Pictured is the Golden Anniversary 12-disc DVD boxset; The Treasures of Coronation Street book - updated for the 50th anniversary; Jack Duckworth and Me - Bill Tarmey's autobiography; Fifty Years of Coronation Street - already proving to be a brilliant read; and A Knight's Tale - the 2010 DVD spinoff that I enjoyed watching with the family on Boxing Day.

My autograph collection is pictured around the presents, and has expanded considerably during 2010. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of starting a collection to go for it, it really is a great set to have!


casey said...

What's the treasures of Coronation Street about ?

Anonymous said...

how do you get a signed picture?

mister_tmg said...

Did you get the autographs by writing to the actors? Is that a complete set of the current cast, with up-to-date cast cards?

I ask because I wrote religiously a few years back, and at the time I had nearly everyone: looking at my list again (yes, I was quite a geek!), the only non-repliers were Sean Wilson (Martin), Danny Young (Warren), Keith Duffy (Ciaran). I'm considering updating my collection now I've started watching again.

mister_tmg said...

Anonymous - just write to the actor and enclosed a stamped addressed envelope.

Coronation Street
C/o Granada Television
Quay Street
M60 9EA

craig247 said...

Casey - The Treasures of Coronation Sreet is a book/gift set that features momentos from the past 50 years of the Street - a copy of Betty's Hotpot Recipe and Kodak snaps from the all girl's holiday to Majorca for example. Stories about characters from the last 50 years features throughout too.

Mister_tmg - This is a close to complete collection of the current cast from 2009 onwards. Still to get is Emily, Fiz, Jack, Dev, Kevin, Rosie, Tina, Owen and Sian. Keith Duffy now replies, took a month for me. I'd encourage you to get back into it again!

Philip said...

I love those cast cards. I am in Montreal and was corresponding with a friend years ago and when I told him I loved Coronation Street. He got me a few cast cards, which I love. He had a friend behind the scenes and could only got me 7. I ended up getting Tracy Shaw, Angela Griffin, Simon Gregson, Glenn Hugill, Stephen Arnold, Tina Hobley and Matthew Marsden with preprinted autographs. That was long ago and I've always thought of getting newer ones, but I always thought it would be hard due to my location. Would you have to write to each individual star to get each card?

craig247 said...

Hi Philip, to get each star's personal autograph you need to write to them individually as I have done. However, you can request pre-printed bundles from the ITV helpdesk. Well worth doing either way I'd say!

Philip said...

Thanks Craig.

How would you go about contacting the helpdesk? Can you e-mail them? Would they be able to send them to Canada? How much would these preprinted bundles cost and how many would you get?

Sorry for all the questions. Just kind of curious.

craig247 said...

No worries Philip. You can contact the helpdesk via the ITV Coronation Street website, or use the email which I believe is

Not sure if they'd be able to send to Canada, I don't see why not though! The preprinted cards are free and you can get as many as you want - request all, certain characters or a random selection.

Hope this helps!

Philip said...

Hey Craig

I used that e-mail you gave me which linked to ITV Viewer Services which forwarded me to Coronation Street press office and someone there offered to send me some cast cards. However I was not sure what to say to them as they did not give me a specific number for me to choose. Another collector told me to ask for a "set". I thought by telling the representative that meant that he would send me all the available cards (the whole cast). I also asked for a few older cards of people that had left the show. I send him the e-mail with my address, but did not get a reply. So I was wondering just what I would get.

This week, I got my envelope, which I was really happy about. However I only received 26 cards. I had one card of a character that has not yet appeared in Canada yet and about 5 characters that have left or recently have left UK screens. (I think perhaps they have cards for the British viewers, and one set for the Canadaian viewer)

While I am very happy that I was able to receive the cards, I still am bummed that I didn't clarify what I could ask for with the Corrie press agent beforehand. That way I would have been able to pick the cards that I specifically wanted. I would e-mail them again one day soon to get the cards that I am missing, but I do not want to seem greedy and ungrateful. Do you agree?

craig247 said...

Hi Philip,

Don't worry about seeming greedy or ungrateful, the press office team receive numerous requests everyday and expect the public to ask for cast cards.

I would email them again with a list of the remaining ones you want and they should send out the ones you would like. I don't think they have a set for Canada, it is common practice for them to send out cards of recently departed cast members to use up their cards.

Let us know how you get on!

Anonymous said...

Just seen this on ebay


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