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Saturday 18 December 2010

2010 in retrospect - January to June

I have to start by saying, I hated January to June on Coronation Street. I hated Joe McIntyre, I hated John getting into trouble yet again and I wasn't interested in any of the other plots - not that there were many. I stopped watching regularly in February and started watching properly in May. Anyway, let's get this show on the road.

January : Molly split up with Tyrone and Tyrone got the wrong end of the stick, and thought Molly was having an affair with Dev, so Tyrone went to attack Dev and was pulled off by the one and only Kevin 'The Traitor' Webster. Steve wanted a baby and Becky didn't (well that changed quickly, didn't it!) Mad Mary reappeared to take back her man... or at least try to take back her man, who was busy having a good time with Freda, Emily's niece. And Joe went around looking constipated, only now he had loan sharks after him.

February : The month that Joe 'Misery' McIntyre met his maker in Lake Windermere - yay! Joe lost his life when trying to fake his death... he really wasn't the brightest bulb in the box was he? Becky got pregnant. The Joinery threw a hard hat party, (to be honest, hard hat parties should have been the only kind of party they ever had in there) and Peter had a relapse and got bladdered, which led George to take little Si' from him. Oh, and Jackie Dobbs came to visit Tyrone and had a shouting match with Molly.

March : Gail ended up in jail after it was suspected she murdered Joe - with three husbands dead, you can't really blame them, David Platt made plans to prove him mum innocent. Molly finds out she's pregnant and decides the best thing to do is take the scan to Kevin and show it him, Kevin burnt the scan and told Molly to have an abortion - he's such a nice man, isn't he? Poor Becky had a miscarraige and was afraid to tell Steve, but she had a touching discussion with Liz. George took Simon to Blackpool, where Simon got lost, though he eventually made it home on a bendy bus!

April : Becky suffered a second miscarriage and was told she couldn't carry a baby, so she and Steve decided to adopt a kiddie - as did Anna and Eddie. Sophie and Sian share their first kiss. Mary took Norris for a weekend away in a remote cottage, only Mary has different ideas and tries to keep Norris to herself, he finally managed to escape though. Stape thought it'd be a good idea to steal his old teaching pal's name, after a party with Colin and Charlotte (Note: Never attend a party with John Stape!). The month came to and end as Tony Gordon masterminded his prison escape. Oh, and Kelly Crabtree left, and even got a special CGI tram.

May : The street finally began its recovery in May, Tracy was moved into a cell with Gail, and also finally meets Becky, who she hates from the off, but Steve reminds Becky that Tracy can't do anything from behind bars - except ruin their chances of adoption. Good thing she's not getting out anytime soon then... right?  It's also Blanche's funeral, which marked the guest appearance of Corrie's Undertaker, Archie Shuttleworth. The last week of May marked the switch to HD, and the return of Tony Gordon.

June : Unfortunately, Tony's seige week was interupted by terrible real life events, leading to Corrie being postponed for a week and making siege week kind of uncomfortable to watch. Underworld was blown up and Tony Gordon and Robbie Sloane died - all this was pretty much forgotten the week after. Nick Tisley opened up his own knicker factory under the viaduct when Carla disappeared. Gail was found innocent and Roy proposed to Hayley - but hired Mad Mary as her wedding planner!


Glenda Young said...

Great stuff!

John M said...

Indeed! It's difficult to imagine so much could happen to one street in the space of 12 months! That's Corrie for you.


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