Sunday, 19 December 2010

Coronation Street weekly awards, December 13 - 17

Blitz mentality award: Gold Star: Eileen and Betty are hunkered down with smiles, soap and sandwiches.

You're ok but I'm a mess award: Gold Star: Gary nearly puking after someone referred to him as a *real* hero.
Silver Star: Rita comforting Sally from her hospital bed.

He's never there when you need him award: Gold Star: Has John ever been there for Fiz when it counted?

Brave actress award: Gold Star: Rita for appearing on screen without make-up and lots of (fake) cuts and bruises on her face.

Obsession award: Charlotte's mad rantings in her journals.

Putting it in perspective award: Gold Star: Rita can see that even if Nick is to blame by not reporting the gas problem, it was still an accident and she's just glad he was there to save her and Peter's lives.
Silver Star: Claire eventually came to see it too even if she isn't ready to forgive.

Um.. the morning after and Leanne still has mascara? It was giving her panda eyes with the latest tears. You'd think that would have been washed away long since!

You almost got your wish award: Sally almost wished Kevin was in the grave instead of Molly. Tyrone knocked him right into it.

Lines of the week:
Emily: "At least you have Nurse Norris ministering to your every need." Rita: "I think I prefer to be under t'rubble!"
Carla: "I can't have anyone steal me thunder as Mother Theresa of Coronation Street"
Peter: "Hiya Mrs. Barlow"
Chesney: "If me and you can survive me mam, this one can survive anything"
Rosie: "I don't want to look like a tragic EMO." Sophie: "Says the ex-Goth"
Rita to Nick: "My reputation was in tatters before you were born"
Kevin to Tyrone: "Most marriages have their ups and downs" (He really said that in front of Sally, didn't he!?)
Tyrone: "What if he turns up? Baby Jack's dad?" Sian: "Surely nobody could be that insensitive" (Kevin slinks away. Sally glares.)
Kevin reading the eulogy: "I've always wanted a baby son... er.. that's obviously Tyrone always wanted a baby son" (Freudian slip? It sure sent Sally running for the hills!)

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