Wednesday, 22 December 2010

My favourite Corrie quote

Further to this post about a new Corrie quote Tumblr (I love Tumblr. It's a micro-blogging site and it's so much fun), I got thinking about my favourite Corrie quote.

It was said by Hayley's son Christian so we're talking a few years back now. She gave him a photo album of herself as a young boy, although at the time of course Christian didn't realise she was actually his dad. Upon receiving the album Christian said,

"It's better than a Smiths twelve inch white label"

which appealed to me as a music fan, as a Smiths fan, as a Hayley fan! I used it as a screen name for a while, even.

I would absolutely love to see Christian back on screen trying to forge some kind of relationship with Hayley. It wouldn't be easy by any stretch, but I believe the Corrie writers and actors could pull it off with sensitivity and dignity.


maggie muggins said...

Sounds like a good one to me too, Rebecca. I hope the writers don't wait too long to think of this. I wonder if they ever check out this blog?

mister_tmg said...

I'd love to see him back. I used to see the actor in my local area, in Sheffield.

Anonymous said...

No, let's not bring this character back. I wasn't a big fan of the way this plot was managed by the writers. And all the character of Hayley wound up gaining from this was a punch in the nose.... ridiculous.

Anonymous said... that Simon Cowell on the far right wearing a white T-shirt!!!!!

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