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Saturday 18 December 2010

The Dead Shall Rise?

When Phil Redmond was planning the famous "body under the patio" storyline for Brookside, he concluded that Trevor Jordache should stay hidden "until the actors decide to leave".

Corrie's got its own version of the hidden corpse now: Colin Fishwick, buried underneath Underworld's floor.  So the question is - will he ever be found?

It's a well known soap rule that people must be punished for their misdeeds.  Karmic retribution is waiting for John Stape somewhere along the line.  But I can't help thinking that Colin's going to stay there and never be seen again.

Think about it: he's not just buried, he's entombed.  Colin's inside a solid lump of concrete six feet under a factory.  He's not going anywhere, and Carla Connor's not likely to order the ground be torn up any time soon.

Brookside had a drainage issue cause flooding in the gardens, meaning that the neighbours dug around the patio and found Trevor's body.  It's possible that a similar case of shoddy workmanship could turn up at Underworld - but how hard is it to get concrete wrong?  And even if they did dig down, would they find Colin?

I'm curious to see what the writers do with this.  Perhaps Colin will only resurface once John has confessed all.  Perhaps he'll return from the dead as a zombie.  Perhaps - and right now this is my favourite - perhaps John will literally get away with murder.  There's something about his bumbling crime spree that I find hilarious, and I'm hoping it'll continue for a long time yet.


Digger said...

" hard is it to get concrete wrong?"

Well, this is Owen we're talking about. Almost certainly going to turn out that he "got the gas pipes" wrong at The Joinery, so concrete is not so much of a leap!

Frosty the Snowman said...

But the faktry hasnt been damaged at all that I can see? Michelle and Carla were having a little tete a tete in there only the other day. I just wish this Fishpaste story would just STOP now and leave John, Fiz and Hope alone for a bit, its got beyond ridiculous.

Dolly Tubb said...

I read 'somewhere' (sorry, can't remember details!) that John Stape will still be with us well into next summer so imagine Colin Fishwick isn't likely to be exhumed soon! I can imagine that CF is a bit of a ticking bomb, but perhaps it will be more psychological than physically finding the body that will be the final straw? I like Stapewick but it's time the story was put away for now, perhaps to return at a later date!
Also, Sopa Karma didn't kick in for the death of the Polish lady who fell down the stairs at Underworld did it? Mind you, that wasn't so much murder, and then Paul and Liam died in horrible circumstances and Carla hasn't had the time of her life since so I guess that's still Soap Karma but working in an alternative dimension!

maggie muggins said...

Did soap karma ever reveal Richard Hillman's wife buried under construction?

This is different. Stape is alive, and I want him found out. If Charlotte's murder comes out, he'll have to tell about Fishwick's body.

Tvor said...

Oh yes, Richard Hillman's wife was found after he confessed to Gail. She told the police and they dug up the foundation of the building again. She wasn't buried under concrete though, just where they did some extra filling in around the building foundation.

Peggy said...

When the explosion happened, we thought that maybe the new concrete in the factory would be compromised and create an opportunity for the body to be revealed. It doesn't look like that will happen now. As much as I would like to see John punished for his crimes, it'll be Fiz and baby Hope who suffer the most.


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