Friday, 31 December 2010

Is this Eddie Windass's worst ever outfit?

Eddie Windass has provided us with some fairly eye-popping sartorial choices throughout his tenure on Coronation Street, pushing the boundaries of what's acceptable as male attire. In public, anyway. I'm not that fussy myself but honestly, there are limits. Aside from the dressing gown, which I've blogged to death already, we've had horrible gent's slacks, foul jogging bottoms and awful tops (see photo on right). A common theme throughout has been - and I have to pause for a second here - absolutely ghastly socks.
You can just see a pair in the photo on the left. They're all the same. Beige and worn through. Horrible. There's no excuse for that nowadays.
After much pondering, my choice as worst EVER Eddie outfit is definitely that dreadful one on the left.
Flaming heck. Words fail me.
You've got to admire Steve Huison's nerve for wearing it mind!
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John M said...

That is one of the worst, together with his awful red, 70s polo neck. I'm really going to miss Eddie, he is funny with his general slobbyness. Loved the moment when he ate his breakfast out of the frying pan.

seapenguin said...

Did you see his fingernails last night - blimey! I stand back in awe.

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