Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Charlie Condou confirms Marcus' return

Actor Charlie Condou has confirmed on Twitter that he will be back on the cobbles in March - though due to the way the show is filmed, the scenes probably wont be shown until April.

Charlie denied knowing about the civil partnership storyline that The Sun printed this week. I'm glad he's coming back, Marcus always stuck out as a down to earth character, and if there's one thing Corrie needs right now, it's down to earth characters.


gab said...

oh great news i was sad when he left wonder if he will get back with sean although hesbeen very annoying lately

marcus was always so grounded

Dilly Daydream said...

I like Sean and I hope he & Marcus end up being settled & happy together.

K8B said...

I have been watching Corrie for 35 years. I'm reaching the point now where I am absolutely sick of the ridiculous and repetitive storylines. In fact, I'm about to give up watching it altogether. There are only so many times that I can watch John looking guilty, Tracey seducing someone or having a strop, Becky throwing a tantrum, Nick and Leanne leering at eachother, Steve pulling faces and Gail twittering away like a demented parrot fish.
I was a truly devoted fan...but now I have had enough!
Just had to let someone know how I'm feeling about this!
Anyone else feel the same?

Anonymous said...

I loved the character of Marcus and am so glad he is coming back!

John M said...

Glad Marcus is coming back and Charlie is quite nice to look at as well.

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