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Tuesday 28 December 2010

How do you solve a problem like the Websters?

It’s fair to say life chez Webster isn’t exactly a bed of roses at the moment. Some people will argue that Kevin deserves everything he gets through proving his inability to keep his manhood in his trousers and fathering a son with his supposed best mate’s wife, which is probably a fair point. Granted Sally hasn’t exactly kept to her marriage vows having an affair with her boss, but that didn’t result in a child which is now living with the family she betrayed. Kevin asks what he’s supposed to do. Simple, find a B&B and move out!

Part of me does think Kevin should simply move out, but part of me quite enjoyed the truly pathetic bickering between him and Sally last night. When it gets to the point of arguing over who owns the TV and the poufy you may as well call the divorce lawyers there and then! It also says a lot about the situation that Rosie has been the sensible one by retreating to the Grimshaws’ tardis house. Sophie might think of doing the same but as her girlfriend is living there rent free (as Kevin pointed out last night) that’s not really an option.

The Websters are one of the most popular families on the show but they seem to be in tatters. Some people will hope for reconciliation but with events taking place next week I honestly can’t see it happening, again. Put it this way, I can’t see it happening any time soon. Right now Sally can’t even bear to be in the same room as Kevin so it seems incredibly unlikely she would be open to reconciliation any time soon. The only reason Sally allowed Kevin to stay in the house on Christmas Day was because Sophie tearfully begged and I for one wouldn’t be able to refuse a tearful Sophie.

Of course we can only guess what will happen next, but I have a feeling Lloyd’s comment about divorce lawyers loving January may turn out to be true

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JaffaCakes said...

I love comparing the Grimshaws' house to the Tardis! Never thought of it - but most of the houses on Coronation Street do seem to have similar qualities.

Anonymous said...

I like the way Kevin is finally bouncing back and not taking all the crap that Sally is dishing out. Sally can't take the moral high ground - considering her affair. And I realllly don't like her bad-mouthing Kevin in front of the girls. Sorry, but that's just bad form making children choose between the parents. And Kevin was spot-on, telling Sian she's a freeloader. She is.
I've never really liked Sally anyway, always thinking she's better than everyone else.
I hope Kevin stands his ground - he can tell Sally SHE can get out.

Anonymous said...

they have both had their fair share of affairs, but i suppose this one is slightly different because of baby jack, i cannot understand how there is any room in the grimshaws house, theres eileen,sean,jason,rosie and by next week probably sophie and sian lol

bbhilda said...

No doubt about it, Sally will warm to baby Jack and the Websters will reconcile.

I don't think she is particularly happy working at Underworld anyway, so will give up her job to take care of the baby.

In the world that can only happen in soaps, I also think Tyrone & Kevin will reconcile, and things will get back to the way they were, and in no time, Tyrone won't even mention the baby - Jack who? Just as he has forgotten that Monica once lived with him too - where is that damn dog anyway?

Anonymous said...

I think Pam will still play a part in all this. She is a blood relative to Jack after all.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Where is Pam by the way, she seems to be strangely absent again and surely she would be involved with Jack as she is related to him?

First thing get rid of the scrounger Sian, she is not part of the family even if she is a 15 year old girl's "lover", tacky in the extreme but I wont go into that one now.

Second Kevin and Sall need to talk things through, if Sally really cannot stand the sight of Kevin, then perhaps they should sell the house divide the proceeds and start again separately with Rosie paying her way a bit more. Kevin has behaved like a ratbag but if they cant stand him, he cant be expected to be a meal ticket for the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

@Frosty the snowman. Actually Sophie is 16, not 15. I think Kevin was out of order having a go at Sian. Yes she's staying rent free but only because Kevin and Sally said she could! If anyone should move out it's him seeing as he can't keep his manhood in his trousers

Anonymous said...

If that's your reason for kicking him out ... then Sally should go cuz she couldn't keep her legs closed.

Tit for tat.

-JB in Canada (so I'm not confused with other Anons)

gab said...

i think he should get lost and i dont even like sally

what he done is unforgiveable and i wouldnt have even let him in xmas day

the girls are old enough to understand all this and they can visit him whnever they want


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