Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 Coronation Street blogger's awards

It's the end of a long and bumpy year on Coronation Street. As we ring in the new year, I've had a look back at the old one and made a few lists of awards. These aren't your standard "Best Storyline" or "Best Newcomer" type thing. They are more in line with the style of our Weekly Awards.

With that in mind, Part 1 has the awards for the Mad, Bad and Dangerous, such as "When is it going to end" award and "Horrific Revelations" award.

Part 2 has awards in a more light hearted vein such as "Fashionista Award" and "Best, Worst and Pointless" Character Returns.


Apple Cobbler said...


Best Character- Peter Barlow
Most Annoying Character- Gail Tilsley/Porter/Platt/McIntyre
Idiot Of The Year- Kevin Webster
Best Storyline- TRAAAAAM!
Worst Storyline- Molvin.
Hero Of The Year- Ashley Peacock
Best Actress- Sally Dynevor (Sally)
Best Comedy Moment- The Manchester Tart Episode.

Happy new year everyone!
Aple Cobbler

abbyk said...

--pressing the Like Button--

Irony Award: Roy's Bachelor Party. Who could imagine a crazier evening than a stag night with Roy Cropper, Ken Barlow and John Stape?

Anonymous said...

Adding to "THE APPLE COBBLER AWARDS 2010", Best Actor Alan Halsall.

Tvor said...

I agree with every one of the Apple Cobbler awards!

Apple Cobbler said...


Maria Connor starts a fire at the salon when she accidentally burns some toast. Gail & David are killed in the blaze, and the nation breathes a collective sigh of relief.

Fat Brenda appears on screen for the first time and successfully seduces Eddie. Anna is livid when she catches them together and divorces Eddie, who promptly marries Brenda.

John Stape (who can't hold a candle to Richard Hilman- or even Tony Gordon!) kills Chesney when Ches finds out that John killed Charlotte. John blames Owen, who gets a life sentence. Liz is distraught and leaves the Street as a CGI tram goes over the newly rebuilt viaduct.

Norris foolishly agrees to spend a weekend in Paris with Mary with disastorous consequences!

maggie muggins said...

Agree with the Apple cobbler Awards for 2010 too! And the predictions for 2011 are hilarious!

Frosty the Snowman said...

Best acted storyline: Peter Barlow as an alcholic

Most pointless and irritating character: Freeloading Sian "can I have a sandwich Sally?"

Most dragged and and farcial storyline: John Stapewick and its not ended yet

Most unbelievable storyline: Many but Carla becoming a clingy alki has the be one of the most along with Molly suddenly wanting Kevin back after he had treated her like dirt and made it plainer than the nose on your face he didnt love her or even like her

Most awful return Tracyluv of course

Most falling from grace award: Becky for showing that she is really a thief and a looter and a low life.

Most needing work for tv work award: Diedre, its getting painful to watch her in HD, for goodness sake stop smoking woman!!!

Apple Cobbler said...

Maggie Muggins and Tvor, thanks for your lovely comments about my predictions! What did you all think of last night's episode?

maggie muggins said...

Did David call Tracy a bike, in a sideways comment? And that was after he slept with her and she tried an insult on for size! As for clobbered Tracy? Well, it's not Steve. Loved the quick cuts to various possible culprits at the end. I think it's either David or Claire.

Sophie and Sian will now suffer the wraith of a sullen Sally. But there's a little matter of pot, kettle and black with Sally (and Tyrone). Yikes.

Anonymous said...

sally and tyrone - it was soooo close, it's gonna happen, we need to be cringing behind cushions!!!

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