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Saturday, 7 March 2020

Corrie Weekly Update - March 7 2020

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This was the week when two of the most powerful, longest-running families on Coronation Street were joined together in holy matrimony. Yes, the House of Platt and House of Barlow were joined in lawful marriage when Sarah married Adam. And for once, a soap wedding ran smoothly. Well, almost. At the wedding Daniel’s best man and when he reads his speech it’s clear to Bethany that he’s still in love with Sinead. Further confirmation comes, if needed, when Daniel gets roaring drunk after the wedding and proposes to Bethany using Sinead’s wedding ring and the words: “Sinead, will you marry me?”  Bethany realises Daniel was just using her to get over his grief and ups and leaves for that London. Meanwhile, the Barlows help Daniel by sending him on a grief retreat in Scotland. Beth puts aside her differences with Daniel and offers to go with him to look after baby Bertie.  Before we leave the Barlows, there’s been no movement yet on the sale of Ken’s house but I suspect that’ll all come next week.

Elsewhere this week, policeman Craig gets out of breath when he’s running to catch criminals. He decides to go on a diet and start a fitness regime and ropes in Imran to help.

Alya starts to get suspicious of Geoff’s treatment of Yasmeen. Now Alya is working with Geoff at Speed Daal she can see for herself what a nasty piece of work he really is and is confused when her gran defends him. What Alya doesn’t know (yet) is that Geoff is stealing cash from Speed Daal, cash that he offers to spend on Tim and Sally’s wedding when they remarry, after Tim gets his divorce from the air hostess.

Over at Fiz and Tyrone’s house, Jade Stape returns and plants a kiss on Tyrone’s lips. When Fiz catches Jade in her house she demands to know what’s going on. Jade tells Fiz that Tyrone loves her and they’ve been having a fling behind Fiz’s back for months. Fiz doesn’t believe a word of it and tells Jade to sling her hook. Which she does, but I suspect it might not be the last we’ll see of her.

Meanwhile, in the Rovers it’s Jenny’s birthday. “Guess how old I am?” she asks Emma. “58?” Emma replies. Oh, you should have seen Jenny’s face!

At Roy’s Rolls there are some lovely scenes between Carla and Nina and between Roy and Nina. I’m loving this a lot, especially when Nina bonds with Roy on a night out bat watching, both of them quoting the poem Bat by DH Lawrence.

And finally this week, Adam tells Gary that he knows Maria slept with Dr Ali. Gary gets confirmation of this when he overhears Ryan on the street warning Ali to leave before Gary gets his hands on him. Remember the loan shark who Gary killed? Well, the loan shark’s sidekick, Sharon, is back and in cahoots with Gary again. Will Gary call on Sharon’s services to do Ali in?

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

I can’t take to Nina, something to do with the way she delivers her lines and moves her head around when she speaks.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I like Nina or rather I like how irritating she is. It was pretty clear that she and Roy were going to bond over something unusual. I thought it might be train spotting. Bat watching seems a good idea and the writers might add poetry to their hobbies with Roy encouraging Nina to go back to study Eng Lit. Roy works best in a twosome and this is promising.

Anonymous said...

You can't take to a character because you don't like the way she moves her head around? Very harsh. I like Nina. She's got potential. I really hope they don't change her character

Anonymous said...

i also love Nina,she's a breath of fresh air on the Street!
i don't think it's fair to say that Daniel 'used'Bethany to get over his grief over Sinead.
For months,Audrey Sarah and even Peter and Beth,warned Bethany that Daniel was grieving,needed time and was not ready for a relationship but Bethany [like her mother with Callun and Gary]did not listen,not giving Daniel the time and space he needed to grieve the loss of his wife and begin a new life for him and his son.
I also thought it was in bad taste for Sarah to compare a grieving,emotionally confused Daniel with sexual predator Nathan.It was Bethany who 'preyed'on Daniel when he was vulnerable[even wearing Sinead's robe]as Daniel even told her he wasn't ready but Bethany still pursued him disregarding his grief and the grief of Sinead's family.


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