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Thursday 26 March 2020

Coronation Street weekly update – March 26 2020

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Alya tries all ways to concoct a plan to get Yasmeen away from Geoff but each time she tries, she fails. Geoff is waiting, lurking, listening on, foiling Alya’s hopes of saving her gran from one of Corrie’s most dreadful men. Alya goes to the police and asks about  Clare’s Law in which a member of the public can make enquiries into the partner of a close friend or family member. The police discover information on Geoff that they can share with Yasmeen but she won’t listen and runs from the room, blaming Alya for trying to split her up with Geoff. It’s a real heart-wrenching storyline, this. Then Alya calls her brother Zeedan who’s tells her he’s getting married in Spain and wants a quiet wedding without his family present. But Alya tells Yasmeen about Zeedan’s wedding in the hope she’ll travel to Spain with her to the wedding. Yasmeen wants to go and just when it seems as if Alya has got her gran an opportunity to leave Geoff, it turns out that Geoff’s coming to Spain too and has booked a hotel for him and Yasmeen to stay in. 

Elsewhere this week, not much joy to be had, I’m afraid. My heart goes out to Gemma who’s struggling with her quads. Her mum Bernie thinks she’s got post-natal depression but Gemma says she’s just exhausted, and it’s true, she is. Bernie isn’t being much help although she’s doing a bit around the house, and they’re keeping the truth from Chesney about how much Gemma is struggling with the babies. I really don’t understand why. It doesn’t make sense. Chesney would want to help if he knew. 

David visits Shona’s son Clayton in prison after Shona tells David she wants a divorce. Clayton laughs in David’s face and David heads back to the street, and shares a tin of beer in Victoria Gardens with Alina. Next thing you know, David and Alina are getting jiggy on the sofa in the flat where Alina lives with Emma and Seb. Seb walks in and catches them, acts all jealous and when David goads him later in the Rovers, Seb smacks David hard. All of this gets back to the lovely Emma who tells Seb to pack his things and leave.

Over at Stillwaters, Ken and Norris escape for a drink in the Rovers. Ken finds out that Eccles is being left on her own at No. 1 to smuggles the dog into Stillwaters only to incur a fine and the wrath of Charles and the residents association’s no pets policy. Now that Ken has crossed swords with Charles, it’ll be a fight of the alpha male. And Ken’s apartment number at Stillwaters? No. 1 of course. A lovely touch.

And for me the best scenes of them all this week were between Evelyn and Claudia. Both great characters, but better still, wonderful actresses and a joy to behold. Claudia does Evelyn’s hair, make up and clothes for her date with Arthur in the Rovers but he never arrives. Never mind, she gives him a second chance and this time their date goes swimmingly. However, Tyrone’s not best pleased about Arthur dating his gran and being over-protective, he warns Arthur off.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

As much as I like Tyrone,he's being a hyporcrite expecting his gran to accept Fiz and get along with her but isn't supportive when Evelyn has a chance at romamce.Perhaps concerned he'll lose his live in babysitter?
If Alya,Geoff and Yasmeen go to Spain,I wonder if it will be mentioned that they will have to self-isolate when they return?

Anonymous said...

David really is horrible. Just because he is going through a hard time he thinks he can use and abuse anybody and everybody. Was I supposed to feel sorry for him at the end of the episode when he cried?

coconno196 said...

Anon 16:28 - I also wonder why supposedly heartbroken soap characters immediately jump into bed (or onto the sofa!) with the next person they see. Isn't it more realistic that they just stay at home feeling sorry for themselves?

Catsmom said...

That picture at the top of this post looks just like the set of "Mrs Brown's Boys".


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