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Monday, 23 March 2020

Mystery dads and curious kids of Coronation Street

Guest blog post from Louise Connors
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The world of soaps has some favourite themes that we have seen over and over again. One of the favourites over the years, for the script writers at least, must be the case of mystery children and wayward fathers.

I started to consider just how many babies in Corrie have been born with us not knowing who their real dad is. And how many male characters have, out of the blue, discovered that they had a child they knew nothing about, sometimes when the child in question is well into adulthood. 

The most recent example of the second category is Emma. I've made my little lists here, please let me know if I've missed anyone.

Characters whose dad turned out to be someone else: Ashley Peacock, Danny Baldwin, Tyrone Dobbs, Nicola Bernstein 

Characters whose paternity was a dilemma: Joshua Peacock, Lily Platt, Amy Barlow, Jack Webster, Sarah Louise Platt, Fiz, Chesney and their brother Billy, do they know who their dad(s) are?

Characters who appeared, their fathers not previously knowing that they existed: Emma, Alice Watts, Adam Barlow, Lawrence - Ken's son, Christian, Hayley's son, Jade Stape, Holly (Charlie Stubbs baby - he told her his name was Jason Grimshaw), Mark Redman. Could Roy's brother Richard be put in this category as well?

Two that deserve a special category are Suzie Price-Connor, and of course the Alex/Ryan baby swap.

So who have I missed? I'm sure the readers will be able to add a few more.

 Guest blog post from Louise Connors
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C in Canada said...

Not exactly father, but more parental related...,but Jude and Mary?

Louby said...

How could I forget Jude!!

I should have included Dev's mystery children too.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, it's such an overused trope.

Carla realising she wasn't just a Connor by name but by blood too, that's another one you missed. God, the Connor clan must have the weirdest looking family tree known to man!

Stephen Leach said...

On a similar note, the amount of kids on t'Street who are missing one or both parents is pretty mindboggling:

Joseph Brown - dead mother
Hope Stape - dead father
Max and Lily Platt - both have a dead mother, and Max's father is dead as well
Bethany Platt - dead father
Harry Platt - dead father
Summer Spellman - dead father (did we ever learn anything about her mother?)
Asha and Aadi Alahan - dead mother
Simon Barlow - dead mother
Alex Warner - dead father
Faye Windass - dead mother
Liam Connor - dead father
Jack Webster - dead mother

Ruby Dobbs, Amy Barlow, Craig Tinker, Jake Windass, and the quads are the only ones I can think of who have both parents alive and well (though Ruby's mother is absent). Definitely an overused trope!

Louby said...

That's quite a list Stephen! Although they're not children now, Nick and Sarah lost their dad when they were kids.

Re Summer, I don't think we ever knew anything about her birth parents, just that she was adopted by Billy's friend.

Louby said...

Just thought of another one - Lloyd's daughter Jenna.

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention Gordon Clegg, he thought his parents were Maggie and Les Clegg, but his mum was Betty Turpin and his dad was Ted Farrell.

Louby said...

Another one, thank you!


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