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Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Jack P Shepherd interview: David and Shona split

How come Clayton is back in the picture?
Shona remembers Clayton and she remembers that he is her son, that is the earliest memory that she has. But when Clayton realises that Shona can’t remember anything else, he uses it to his advantage and tells Shona that the reason they don’t speak anymore is because David made her push him away. This, combined with her memory loss, makes Shona not want to see David.

What does David do to try and put this right?
David books a visit to see Clayton in prison to tell him to leave Shona alone but the shoe is on the other foot now. Shona wants nothing to do with David, she doesn’t remember him. Why would Shona believe a complete stranger over her own son?

How is this situation affecting David?
David is depressed and starts drinking; he can’t do anything to Clayton because he is in prison but he’s not stupid enough to even attempt that again. He can’t even see Shona or speak to her because she won't let him. He is on a downward spiral so when he sees Alina in Victoria Gardens, they strike up a friendship because they are both vulnerable at the moment. Later, Seb thinks something is going on between David and Alina and he is jealous. David puts on a bravado and he is goading Seb to hit him and Seb punches David in the face.

Does David have feelings for Alina?
No, it’s a rebound because ultimately David does want to be with his wife but he is not getting any affection from her. He’s tried and tried and he’s not getting anything from Shona. It’s a similar situation to what happened between David and Emma, he looks for comfort in the wrong places.

How would you feel if David and Shona divorced?
Well, Julia Goulding would be mortified because she wants to be a Platt! Julia and I were talking about the storyline and Julia said, “It’s awful, I want to divorce David Platt!” I love working with Julia, I really like David and Shona together, I think they have a strong bond. It would be a shame if they split but that’s soap!

How big is the risk that David and Shona will split?
David is breaking down and this is really affecting him but he is not letting anybody see him or letting anyone in. He doesn’t know what to do because he can’t get to Shona. Everything may be lost unless David can do something drastic to win Shona back.
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