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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Alexandra Mardell Interview: Emma's single again

Emma is unlucky in love, do you think that she and Seb are a good match?
Yes, I do think they were a good match but any relationship that Emma gets into, she is always so insecure so she is her own worst enemy. Because of her issues in the past, she has no trust. Seb does have a few feelings for Alina but he genuinely  does like Emma and if she had trusted that I think they would have been a cute couple. Ah, Emma, Emma, Emma!

How much does she believe Seb when he says he has no feelings for Alina?
None of it! Initially she wants to believe it but she is just not having any of it because she doesn’t rate herself and she always believes that she is second best. If anyone is even remotely in line she just believes that the other person wants to be with them instead.

What does Emma make of Alina?
She really likes her which makes it even harder because they both get on really well. She genuinely is fine with Alina leaving with them, she just doesn’t believe that Seb doesn’t have any feelings for her.

What’s Emma’s first thoughts when it looks like she is moving back in with the McDonalds?
She likes spending time with them because they have really welcomed her into the family. However she is upset about the fact that she has been so independent moving to the street by herself and finding a job that she sees moving back in with the McDonalds as a step back. When she moved in with them when she was ill, she still liked to have her own space and independence.

Are the McDonalds beginning to feel like family?
Oh yes, definitely... Even Tracy!

Who has hurt her the most, Chesney or Seb?
I would probably say Chesney. Chesney was Emma’s everything, she wanted to be with Chesney and because she is such good friends with Gemma, it was the hardest situation for her. She is genuinely happy for them but if there could be two Chesney’s, I think that Emma would be really happy.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Emma can do much better than sulky Seb. Does he even have a job? Emma has two jobs, why can't she get her own place?
Emma is just too nice for her own good! She needs to stick up for herself more, or she will continually get hurt.


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