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Monday 16 March 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 16th March

"Wash your hands," advises Geoff, "sing Happy Birthday twice". A scene that has definitely been inserted recently, which I presume means Geoff, or at least Ian Bartholemew, is still on the street in six weeks' time. Geoff tries to smarm rather than bully Yasmeen into agreeing going to Cyprus - "homes are cheap as chips," he tells her. I guess when he's not coercively controlling Yas, he's watching A Place In the Sun. Perhaps he should look into reciprocal arrangements with the UK before deciding where they're going. After receiving a visit from a valuer at Speed Dal, Alya is having none of this, telling her gran that she's leaving Geoff and coming with her. Unfortunately, Ghastly Geoff returns and Yasmeen has to choose between husband and granddaughter, and she chooses Geoff. Alya doesn't give up that easily and she goes to the cop shop, but unbeknownst to her, Yasmeen agrees to cut ties with Alya.

As a side note, Ryan has moved out of Robert's old flat and into Jason's flat of many rooms with Alya, Craig, Imran, our Toyah, Uncle Tom Cobley and all.


Gemma's not keen on going to baby choir ("four month olds can't belt out I Dreamed A Dream," she not unreasonably points out. I very much know this as the hall next to my office is rented out to a baby singing group every Friday and unfortunately they are not practising social distancing). She's saved from it by the return of Bernie who slams into the house and sets about sorting out her daughter.

Am I the only person pleased to see the return of Bernie? Like Margi Clarke as Jackie Dobbs, I like her hippy-scally shtick. Plus as she has returned to help out Gemma, her character is obviously going to be softened. She persuades Paul and Billy to do some babysitting, but Gemma doesn't want to go out.

Who let the dogs out? It's Evelyn, she's taken Cerberus out for a walk as he's looking a bit peaky. Hope is still quite the mini-psychopath and asks if they can have the pup stuffed if he dies. Instead Ev takes him to the vet where she bumps into Arthur Medwin a.k.a. Ivor Priestley a.k.a. Paul Copley, an old flame.

Ken and Claud are perusing the high class activities at Still Waters (literary society and zumba, respectively, hopefully not the other way about). Unforch, Roger the literary dude, has had a fall playing yahtzee and Ken steps in to talk about his own stories rather than those of James Joyce. Felicity and Francis chat in highbrow-ese to K&C and everyone gets on terribly well. Might we be in for some OAP key parties? That's not the story though, that is Nozza turning up to ask awkward questions about Ken's publishing history. Norris and Freda have moved from Edinburgh back to Manchester (?) and with Ken and Claudia, they head to the bar. That retirement home gated community must be a petri-dish of OAP germs. Norris is not happy there, claiming he's "living in a cult" and everyone must "pay allegiance to the glorious leader, Charles." I am enjoying this storyline!

The manbun is back and he doesn't want to go to Australia with Emma, even though Fiona's offered to pay for the tickets! At Christmas! He doesn't want a barbie on the beach, he wants turkey hot-pot and the chance of being murdered in a winter wonderland at home? Anyway, he decides that he does want to go after all. Let's hope they don't accidentally end up in Ramsay Street.

And finally, Grace, Tianna and Michael are having a nice time in the caff, until Michael asks for a more formal arrangement and Grace stomps off. Michael's a bit of a dumbo, but that Grace is a reet pain.

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Tahacat said...

I don’t think Geoff’s Happy Birthday comments would have been inserted later. This has always been the hand washing guidelne in the Practice where I work,

Anonymous said...

I disagree. I think they were added recently. Coronavirus is the main topic of conversation across the globe and it would seem weird not mentioning it. I know it's filmed 6 weeks in advance, so that's why I feel it was just added after the event. Bit of a coincidence for it to be said yesterday too and it happened right at the start of the episode.

Anonymous said...

They just wrote and said it was coincidence.

CK said...

Ugh this storyline has turned into another 'when is this over?'


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