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Sunday 22 March 2020

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 6th and 8th February 1995

There was some stinging social commentary in the first episode as Bet went to see Vicky's headmistress.  Bet pushed for her to go to university, only for the headmistress to inform her that Vicky was actually pretty thick.  Bet realised that because she was posh and had money she'd assumed Vicky was destined for greater things but the reality was she was just like everyone else.  Audrey headed to the new South Weatherfield Leisure Centre half an hour before Alf and opened it behind his back.  He arrived just as she made a dash with Fred Elliot.  She threatened to carry on embarrassing him unless she got to meet the royal on her Weatherfield engagement, but Betty reminded him she was the mayoress so she would be meeting her, leaving Alf stuck in the middle.  Derek persisted with his claim against Norris's Mile Muncher, even though Mavis was at fault, and Steve refused to pay his bill at the bookies because he didn't have any money.  Sean had him blacklisted at the rest of the town's bookmakers in retaliation.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 10th and 13th February 1995

Josie turned up at Don's so he invited her out to the park with him and David.  Gail was intrigued to see him with another woman.  It's interesting that nobody is even slightly bothered that he might be carrying on with another woman behind Ivy's back; they've basically all written her off.  Alf chickened out of having to choose between Audrey and Betty and sent them both off to the royal function without him; though Audrey was thrilled with the night and went round telling everyone she'd chatted with the princess for hours, Betty confessed they hardly saw her.  Sean gave Liz a drink after hours then tried it on with her.  She told him to get lost so he told Des to sack her.  At Firman's Freezers (which looks an awful lot like Iceland), Reg told the staff Curly was gay to try and head off any more sexual harassment claims, so Curly told the staff Reg was his boyfriend, which quite turned my stomach.  Norris caved and agreed to compensate Derek and Mavis, leaving her feeling like a criminal.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 15th and 17th February 1995

Jon and Fiona entered a Weatherfield hairdressing contest.  Raquel modelled for Jon, looking like she had a poodle clinging to her skull, while Fiona persuaded Steve to model for her.  She gave him the exact same haircut my brother had in the mid-90s. all curls and gel.  Steve needed the distraction as he was thousands of pounds in debt and his credit cards had been cut off.  Fiona found out and told him she wasn't with him for his money, which floored him, so when she got a special commendation at the hairdressing competition, Steve proposed marriage.  And so began a lifetime of him thinking getting engaged was the solution to all his problems.  Derek told Mavis he was going to drop the compensation claim, which thrilled Mavis, until she learned that Angela told him to do it.  Des refused to sack Liz because she was good at her job, so Sean apologised and asked her to put it behind her.  Liz ended up apologising for giving him the wrong idea because in this era sexual harassment is a two way street, apparently.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 20th and 22nd February 1995

Alma went to get her hair cut, which gave Fiona the chance to unburden about Steve's proposal and his cash flow problems.  She admitted she was worried about their future.  You have no idea, love.  Alma told Mike about his proposal in the pub, which was overheard by Bet; she went and told Vicky.  Vicky had been invited on a cruise of the Med by Alec, and this gave her the impetus to go, taking Bet with her.  Bet asked Raquel to manage the pub in her absence, for some reason, but she chickened out (even though Curly encouraged her to aim high) and Bet got a relief manager in.  Firman's Freezers was subject to a takeover bid, which worried Reg, especially when he learned from Norris that the new owners had a reputation for sacking anyone they deemed too old.  Don's washing machine broke, so Josie cleaned and ironed his shirts for him, causing much pursing of lips from Vera Duckworth.  She pointed out that he was still married to Ivy and, as a Catholic, that's the way it'd stay until she died.  She's a curse, that Duckworth.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 24th and 27th February 1995

Ignore anything else that happened in today's episodes.  The main storyline was Bet's going away outfit for the cruise.  She wore a leather cap with a leopard streak down it, combined with a bright yellow bodysuit with a bow.  Just when you thought she couldn't top that, she headed out wearing head to toe leopardskin, including hat box and handbag.  It was camper than Freddie Mercury dancing to I Will Survive on The Graham Norton Show.  Glorious.  Derek and Mavis went for dinner at Angela's, and they were surprised to see her flirting with Norris.  Vera took time out from disapproving of Josie and Don to get Jamie and Tricia round for their tea.  Jamie and Jack bonded over his pigeons.  At the Rovers, the relief manager arrived, an ex-copper called Rodney.  Jack planned an after hours drinking session to take advantage of Bet's absence but the only person who attended was Rodney himself, with his trombone.  That's not a euphemism.  Steve's money problems were getting harder, with Sean sending him threatening letters, so Fiona said they should give up the flat in the Quays.  They took on the flat above the cafe, causing Audrey to raise an eyebrow or too.  And Alf was cold towards Martin at dinner; when he asked why, Alf told him he knew all about his Christmas infidelity.

Do you think Bet's outfit is still available to buy?  Asking for a friend.  Let me know on Twitter @merseytart if you know where it can be bought.  Again, I'm asking for a friend.

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