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Saturday, 21 March 2020

Conversation Street Podcast Episodes 409 and 410

This week, we recorded two podcasts, the first being a discussion of all the news stories and rumours about how Corrie is being affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and what it might mean for the show in the coming months. We know a lot of people are already struggling to cope with the seemingly non-stop feed of reports on the pandemic, and we have no desire to keep on bringing it up on the regular podcast, which is why we thought it best to try and contain it all in one episode.

Our normal weekly podcast, we have a natter about the episodes of Coronation Street shown in the UK between the 16th and the 20th March (Episodes #10,032 - 10,037).

Another fab week on the cobbles, we thought, helped in no small part a the focus on some of the older members of the cast. Yasmeen's torment at the hands of evil Geoff continued to keep us hooked, whilst the prospect of a blossoming romance for Evelyn provided a nice bit of character development for the usually very guarded granny. And as for the bonkers goings on at Stillwaters, from Claudia in full-on fencing gear to Norris' fear that Freda has been indoctrinated into some sort of cult.. just wonderful!

We round off the podcast with a bit of listener feedback, including a voicemail from across the pond and a big thank you to a listener who's sent us a fascinating look at what a 1990 issue of Woman magazine thought Corrie would look like in 2020...

Street Talk - 00:13:17
Feedback - 02:06:38

This week, we learned the sad news of beloved entertainer Roy Hudd's death, so in tribute, our bonus material for Episode 410 is a character profile of Archie Shuttleworth, Corrie's merry mortician. Despite only being a prominent feature of Corrie for a year or so in the early 2000s, Archie's big personality and even bigger heart made him a real favourite for many viewers - and his role in uncovering the truth about dastardly Richard Hillman didn't hurt either! Archie Shuttleworth: a true Corrie legend - we're not wrong!

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