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Friday 13 March 2020

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 13 March

FRIDAY 13TH MARCH (hour-long episode)

ALYA FEELS PUSHED OUT Geoff makes out to Yasmeen that Alya is out to get him, the girl is an idiot and as a result, he’s going to see a business advisor to find out where they stand. Meanwhile Alya finds numerous cash withdrawals from the Speed Daal accounts. Geoff lies to Yasmeen that he has seen a business advisor and suggests they should sell up and move abroad. Geoff tells Yasmeen that she deserves a better life abroad but When Yasmeen voices her reservations, Geoff twists her words and suggests she’s having doubts about their marriage leaving Yasmeen upset. In the Rovers, Alya shares her concerns about Yasmeen with Ryan and when Eileen reveals that Geoff once locked Yasmeen in his magic box and went out, Alya’s horrified. Yasmeen denies it was Geoff’s fault and says Geoff loves her very much.
ALI FEARS THERE IS NOTHING LEFT FOR HIM Gary convinces Maria that he did nothing to provoke Ali and that the guy is a maniac. Ali laments to Ryan how rubbish his life is. Ali confides in Ryan that he can’t stand by and watch Maria throwing her life away on Gary any longer so he’s leaving today.  Ryan’s shocked. In the Rovers’ backyard, Ali explains to Maria that he’s leaving as he needs to start afresh. They wish each other well and Ali’s pleased to have cleared the air. Ali calls the builder's yard flat and after apologising to Toyah for all the trouble he caused her, explains that he’s leaving Weatherfield. Toyah wishes him well. After exchanging an emotional farewell with Ryan, Ali leaves the street.
KEN PREPARES TO SAY GOODBYE TO THE STREET Audrey worries that Ken is being railroaded into moving to Stillwaters against his will. At No.1, an emotional Ken sits with Eccles on his lap and reflects on the happy times they’ve spent together. Tracy’s concerned to see him so melancholy. Peter, Carla, Simon and Tracy help Ken with the last of his things from No.1. Picking up Deirdre’s peanut bowls, Ken takes a last wistful look round the living room and heads out. Ken and Claudia move into Stillwaters and are immediately made to feel welcome by fellow resident, Charles Lake.
TOYAH HAS A NEW CAREER PLAN Imran puts pressure on Toyah to find a new job and suggests she’d make a great PA. When Nina clocks Toyah applying for a job at Heywoods, she points they have a terrible reputation, so much so she took part in a protest against them and chained herself to the railings. Toyah admits to Imran that after a chat with Nina she decided against the Heywoods
GEMMA NEEDS HER MUM Gemma attends storytime at Speed Daal with the quads. But she’s so exhausted she falls asleep and a couple of the other mums gently take the babies from her. Gemma wakes with a start and is upset to realise what happened. With storytime over, Gemma chats to the other mums. Vanessa reckons she could do with some help looking after four babies giving Gemma food for thought. Gemma leaves a voicemail for Bernie but can’t bring herself to admit that she’s desperate for some help and simply makes out she was phoning for a chat.

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