Thursday, 21 June 2018

Would you like to be a guest Coronation Street Blogger?

Would you like to write a Coronation Street Blog post?

If you'd like to write anything about our favourite show, do please get in touch.  All we ask is for a few paragraphs on a subject close to your heart that you want to get off your chest (as it were).

Go on... you know you want to.  Email me at  Don't worry about spelling and grammar, we'll do our best to fix those as best as we can. And we'll link to any website, twitter, blog etc., of your own that you'd like us to.

Or maybe you'd like to feature as one of our Coronation Street fans of the week. If so, all details are here.

And if you're famous, even just a little bit, why not tell us about your love of Corrie in exchange for a charity donation.  All details are here.

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