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Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Coronation Tweet

Despite grumblings over storylines going on forever and there generally being too much death and despair in Corrie, a great many of us still watch regularly. The standard of writing has remained high over the years which has sustained the show as a national institution. The recent 10,000th episode was a particular joy to watch. You only have to look at BARB (The Broadcasters' Audience Research Board) figures from the start of the month to see that even though millions fewer are watching the main channels ‘live’ than they used to in the days when tens of millions would tune in, Corrie is still one of the most popular programmes with around seven million viewers on all the various platforms (TV, streaming on laptop, phone etc).

And it's not just the official viewing numbers that show Corrie is still popular, even with all its TV and online competition. Several times in recent weeks I’ve noticed Coronation Street trending on Twitter. Whether under the #Corrie hashtag or seeing names of characters getting lots of mentions. 

This is really encouraging, not only because it means it’s still one of the most loved shows on telly, but it shows a younger audience is tuning in. Twitter especially is used by a slightly younger crowd (I count myself in that at a youthful 35 years old). Scroll through some of the most popular tweets and you’ll see that it isn’t just the middle aged women, pensioners and gays enjoying regular visits to the Cobbles, but teens and twentysomethings too. 

I’ve picked out a few of my favourite tweets from the past few weeks to share what people are saying about Coronation Street:

Some Tweets could have been plucked from my own mind…


There are lots of very creative memes related to storylines:

And Corrie is always good at getting important messages out, now with the help of social media. As seen here in this Tweet from a media professional relating to Aled's hearing diagnosis:

 Some get REALLY invested in their favourite characters:

And others like to have a bit of a rant. Here over one of the most talked about episodes of recent weeks:

Or heap praise:

Some viewers are impressively observant:

Some simply want to share the love:

Keep Tweeting.


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C in Canada said...

Love the one about 'Adam in a suit' cause that's me.
His accent gets me every time.


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