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Friday 13 March 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 11th March 7.30 & 8.30 pm

As a non-football fan, I can't be sure of when James' next match for County is, but his latest fixture is a meeting with club reps to discuss his recent public outing and the resulting press interest.

About a year ago, I attended a Coronation Street press day at ITV studios where this storyline was unveiled {read more here} and I've known about it for some time. With misogyny and homophobia rife in the so-called 'national game'. I'm really pleased that Corrie has raised this issue. It's not surprising when James is reluctant to take on the mantle of gay/black footballer and, coincidentally, he's dropped from the next match.

Roy’s 'batty' defence of Nina and the society’s prejudice of his goth niece is admirable, and Roy is right, Hayley would have done the same. Defending her honour on the down-low (typical Roy) it’s left to Carla to reveal the truth to Nina about his little white lie but all’s well that ends well and their lovely little kinship continues. Amidst all this angst, anger, resentment and distrust, it's nice to know we have Roy and Nina to lighten the load.

In sharp contrast to Roy's timid demeanour, leading alpha male Gary Windass was almost certain to punch Ali once news of Maria's infidelity was out. Is she worth holding on to though? Posh flat, huge expensive car, diamond ring, and she repays him how? By sleeping with floppy-haired GP!

Following the spiking of his drink with Diazepam by Sharon, Ali's swift recovery and kidnapping of Maria is even more ridiculous, but even I can sidestep this fact as it *spoiler alert*  precedes Ali leaving the cobbles before this week is out. I'm glad Gary got the punch in and Dr Gaddas played a blinder too! A swift suspension for the doc and sacking or Toyah - you don't mess with Dr Gaddas (or gad-arse as Evelyn calls her).

Which reminds me, we still have Geoff Metcalfe's nefarious nature, to deal with on the street. Spotting an identical spelling mistake in the bad online reviews and in the new menu, Alya points the finger at Geoff and implies he's the culprit of grammar crimes. Confronting him in front of her gran, Yasmeen's loyalties remain misguided. Feeling the heat, Geoff decides it's time Alya got out of the (Speed Daal) kitchen. Will she leave or will Geoff be pushing her?

Talking of which, Ken’s move out of number one is also gathering pace. Relinquishing ownership of Eccles the dog is shocking enough, but I cannot believe that Ken doesn't own a kindle?! Leaving the street after 60 years pales in comparison to that revelation! Joking aside, Audrey is shocked at the speed of the move, and so am I (the 60th anniversary isn't until December 9th ) so will we see Ken go now? Will he return to live there later on in the year maybe?

What did you think of Wednesday's Corrie? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Newfy Pearl said...

I have to say one thing I found amusing, let's face it I nearly fell off my couch laughing! In the Rovers - when Billy (you know the one, the one that does not have a congregation to look after apparantly, and seeks to give unsolicited counsel to people he overhears while hanging out in the local pub) lol that was a mouthful.... anyway, Billy trying to offer support to Aggi and her family....can hardly type for laughing.
They not only declined the comfort/interest/support...but gave him weird looks, told him to mind his own business, and went so far as to leave the pub when they realised he was still eavesdropping from the bar and gossiping with Johnny.
This has been long overdue....I really enjoyed it.

Newfy Pearl said...

Okay... another thought. Audrey is not someone I would want around my man if I was her age. LOL Even when she realised Claudia was trying to get Ken to move forward with his moving tasks, afterall it was the next day....did Audrey quickly excuse herself and apologise for holding up his progress? No! Not our Audrey. Not only did she stay for longer, but she encouraged Ken to express his doubt in the move and thereby interfere with his relationship with Claudia.
Remember when she did not want Butcher Fred, but she felt it was okay to interfere on his wedding day to Bev...yes you remember, he died in Audrey's house on his way to his wedding.
Oh my, I love Aud...but really! After this scene I see the resemblence to her great granddaughter Bethany.
I will not hog the thread any further.
Really enjoyed the show. Great job writers!

Anonymous said...

Good points Pearl. lol
I have to say that when Yasmeen takes Geoff's side over Alya I lose any sympathy I have for her. Wheres here loyalty to her orpahned granddaughter?


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