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Friday 20 March 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 18th March 7.30 & 8.30 pm

Conniving, conning, and even convincing. There are a plethora of C-words we can use to describe Geoff but is Cyprus really what his latest plan is all about? Alya's investigative skills have uncovered a little sin that he's failed to tell Yasmeen about. Ok, so it may Only be affray, but is Alya's discovery enough to convince her gran that Geoff is a geriatric control freak? 

Bernie is back from Bristol ( she’s a bit marmite isn't she?) and is quickly at Gemma's disposal. It's a bit of a turnaround for the feckless Mother and it's obvious why Gemma overcompensates with the quads. I may be over analysing a tad but seeing Gemma’s naked vulnerability gives the character another layer? Bernie also works out that Gemma’s new friendship group is a cross between ‘Heathers’ and ‘Mean Girls’. Confronting Imogen in her backyard, Bernie sticks her oar in again (as always) but at least her heart is in the right place? Gemma seems stirred but still struggles to grasp her post-natal depression as a reality. 

Can the same be said for Yasmeen though? 

Sneaking out before Geoff catches her, Alya is still panicked for her gran's safety, and her Gran is shaken enough to search online for further info on Geoff’s affray charge. 

Ken and Claudia are settling into their posh enclave but Ken seems put out by Norris and his uncertainty over the retirement complex ownership. I think Norris may also be irritated by Freda’s enthusiasm for the home; seeing Ken as a plausible escape route. It is posh though isn't it? I'd expect no less for Claudia, nor Freda actually, but has Ken left the street for good? I can't say I'm convinced!

Are we now seeing another side of Evelyn? Meeting Arthur at Victoria Gardens, the former flames sweetly reminisce over old times and our favourite battleaxe looks set to be a smitten kitten! I enjoyed these scenes and its nice to see another facet of her character too

Speaking of romance, Emma exiles Seb to the pub so she can have the girls round for a wine. Unperturbed as any bloke would be, he heads to The Rovers and his old flame Alina is propping up the bar. Flirting with the Popster (she's great isn't she), Seb’s behaviour doesn't go unnoticed by Mary. 

Realising it was Alya who told Yasmeen about his previous indiscretion, the ‘I'm never violent’ Geoff, smashes a dinner plate in temper, smashes Yasmeen's confidence to smithereens, and then is seen in a restaurant fraternizing with an escort! 


There is another C-word for Geoff but this is a family show. 

What did you think of this Wednesday's Corrie? 

If like me your highlight of this week's Corrie has been the return of Norris, let me know on twitter @rybazoxo 

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Sue said...

Emma’s girls’ night in was odd. No friends her own age just her boyfriend’s mum, her boss, her father’s wife and her 16 year old half sister.

On another note, as Yasmeen’s house is so clean and well decorated why is her front door so dirty and in need of painting? Geoff has slipped up there.

Tashacat said...

Exactly what I thought, Sue.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I love Evelyn and Arthur together but Paul Copley is over 70 so maybe that storyline is on hold. I have to express my surprise that Evelyn and Arthur's reminiscence was so similar to that of the two leads in 'Last Tango in Halifax'. Alan (Derek Jacobi) and Celia (Ann Reid), in their 70s', meet up to find events conspired to keep them apart. Evelyn and Arthur similarly went through: 'I waited for you', 'I thought you knew', I thought you'd dumped me', 'if only we'd met, who knows ..' and so on. So what, you might say but Sally Wainwright has written for Corrie, Paul Copley was Alan's friend in 'Last Tango' and is now Arthur. Ann Reid was Ken's first wife, Val. And, of course, the age and accents of all four actors were quite similar. Struck me that the Corrie script writer could have been more imaginative.

Louby said...

This was harrowing to watch. The acting is superb but it's upsetting to know that real people have to endure this kind of torment.

Anonymous said...

What possessed Yasmeen to try to eat the food off the floor! This was not even something suggested by Geoff. So where in the world did that self abuse come from???

coconno196 said...

Re Emma's girls' night - doesn't Alina now live in the same flat? Surely she would have been included? But then she couldn't have seen Seb in the pub. Very contrived.t

Anonymous said...

coconno196 You are so right. You know Emma being as sweet as she is would not have excluded Alina. Good point.


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