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Monday 23 March 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 23rd March

Hello and welcome to the last double episode Monday review, for a while anyway.

Gemma dreams that she's put Aled in the washing machine, but lies to Chesney about her fears. The health visitor turns up and asks her how she's doing and Gemma lies to her too. She suggests that if Gemma's overwhelmed, she should check the babies are OK, then take 10 seconds time out to calm down. Unfortunately, Gemma takes this too seriously, goes out into the backyard and then she's locked out with the babies inside crying. Bernie gets them into the house via a (smashed) window and Gemma then refuses to pick up the babies, convinced she's a liability. She confesses that she's not coping but won't see a doctor and makes her mum promise not to tell Ches. They tell a few more lies to Chesney, saying Bernie is moving in as she's had a row with her housemate. Bernie tells her to get some kip, but Gemma stays awake, unable to stop watching over the quads.

Ryan tricks Yasmeen into going over to Alya's with policewomen poised to tell Yas about Geoff's past misdemeanours, but she runs out of the flat. Alya phones Zeedan, who refuses to come visit because he's going on holiday and thinks his sis is over-reacting. "Geoff's won," states Alya.

Meanwhile at Stillwaters, Nozza and Ken are in agreement that "a sausage is not place for a cranberry". Fair enough. It's trying new things day at the cult gated community, but Norris only wants to snooze. No wonder he doesn't think he's getting his money's worth if he sleeps the day away. Anyway, just as the literary expert didn't turn up and Ken stood in, the art expert doesn't arrive and Charles takes his place. Is this Charles's of of saving money? The art class is on the drip technique, imitating Jackson Pollock, to Ken's delight and Norris's sarky comments. If only Deirdre was still with us, she could've demonstrated her pot-throwing skills. Ken takes Noz down t'Rovers, where he's welcomed with open arms, literally in the case of Mary. Ken finds out that all the MacDonald-Barlows are out tonight (on a Monday!) and no-one will be looking after or walking Eccles. He then sneaks the pooch into Stillwaters, avoiding the beady eye(s) of Charles. I am amused to see that Ken still lives at number 1.

David goes to see Clayton to tell him to leave Shona alone. It goes as well as you might expect, as not only does he refuse to stop seeing Shona but Crappy Clayton also tells Dave that he told Shona that David married the mother of his wife's killer, not revealing that he himself was the murderer. Beast! Nick agrees to talk to Shona, but she refuses to see him either and says she wants a divorce from David. Well, for 6 months or so, anyway,

There's a lot going on tonight. The final story is Evelyn and the lovely Paul Copley and the unlovely Tyrone, who tells him to sling his hook. Arthur/Paul, lest we forget, had, um, relations with Anna from This Life and is therefore a hot piece of stuff: it's no wonder that Evelyn's hot to trot for him. He's old enough to be my dad (in fact he's older) but I still would. I think it's that lovely Kirklees (Wakefield meets Huddersfield) accent. Evelyn and Arthur bump into each other in the Kabin and he asks for another chance, but let's slip that Ty warned him off and Evelyn takes issue with her grandson.

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