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Tuesday 10 March 2020

Coronation Street Spoiler: Bernie returns to help stricken Gemma

The previews are in from ITV for next week’s Corrie and Gemma opens the door to Bernie who bustles her way in. Bernie casts her eye over the mess at No.5 and realises Gemma isn’t coping.  Gemma insists she’s fine but it’s clear to Bernie that’s far from true. 

Bernie’s concerned as Gemma watches over her babies, a ball of anxiety. At Baby Senses class Gemma introduces Bernie to her friends Imogen and Vanessa. Will Bernie see through them and their fake friendship with Gemma?

In her emotional state, Gemma fails to spot an oncoming car which screeches to a halt, narrowly missing the buggy. A police officer realises Gemma’s been drinking. Breaking down Gemma admits to Bernie that she endangered the babies’ lives, she hasn’t slept for weeks, she worries about them non-stop and she’s a hopeless mum.

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Anonymous said...

I stopped watching in April last year due solely because of Gemma Winter. Absolutely detest the character. Happened to see the 100,000 (?) episode and have watched here and there since then. But ALWAYS fast forward any sighting of GW.

Quite a few new characters since I last watched, don't like the black family, all terrible actors. And who on earth is the big guy with the lisp who is throwing his weight around?

The only storyline worth watching is the Geoff/Yasmine one.

coconno196 said...

I can't see Bernie being much help to Gemma. All she did before was eat their food and blag money for booze, never lifted a finger to cook or clean. Is she still "cleaning" Billy's church? Does she have any source of income? Talking of which, how are Gemma and Chesney managing without the Freshco money? They must be entitled to child allowance and/or family credit.

Unknown said...

Bonnie in Canada:

If Bernie has come to take ghastly Gemma, dopey Chesney and all the kids away from the street forever, then I can hardly wait. Paul also needs to go with them so there is no reason for them to ever come back. Gemma Winter has been one of the worst things to happen to Coronation Street in years.

Flash Gordon said...

Couldn't agree more Bonnie!

Flash Gordon said...

PS @ anon 15:38 - wasn't the Geoff/Yasmine storyline done before with Charlie Stubbs and Shelley Unwin? (with a few tweaks here and there).

Anonymous said...

"Spoiler"is certainly appropriate. Never been a great fan of Gemma but I was so pleased when the producers didn't renew Bernie's contract. What happened?! She is vile, conniving person who contributes nothing but heartache.

Does she have something on you (Coronation Street) people, eh, does she?

"Sweetie, can't we fast forward through this?" The reply is usually - "go do the dishes if you don't like it."

I got into watching Corrie with my mother when I was a kid, home from school with some aliment. Watched the Sunday morning omnibus.

I spend more and more time on my iPad perusing the internet, while my wife watches the show. Look up from it, once and a while, when Steve and Tim have a little tete-a-tete.

Guess it's time to wash more dishes!


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