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Thursday 26 March 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 25th March 7.30 & 8.30 pm

David's dire start to 2020 shows no sign of abating and Shona's divorce threat hits home harshly. He’s a tinder box of emotion at the best of times, so I've no idea why an afternoon romp with Alina would resolve anything? It’s slightly predictable yet completely perplexing! David adores Shona so why would he do that you wonder? Well, he’s got the form of course. Emma is such a cemented character now that it's easy to forget she was originally introduced as a one-night stand of David’s. Adding Alina as a further conquest, and Seb's accidental discovery of this infidelity, it's obvious that egos aren't the only thing that will be bruised by the end of tonight’s episodes!

Alya’s also bruised at Zeedan's quick wedding announcement, but, seeing it as an opportunity to get Yasmeen away from Geoff, the plan fails when he invites himself to Alicante and books a posh hotel for the duration. It's a shame we won't see Zeedan's reaction to meeting Geoff on screen! I also wonder why he's so keen to see that specific escort again?

Bernie has settled back in at Gemma’s and booked her an appointment with the doctors. Pushing her daughter (as she always does) it’s no wonder Gem struggles to convey her emotional instability to Dr Gaddas - I would too with a mother like that. I'm still ambivalent in opinion when it comes to the character of Bernie. What're your thoughts?

At Stillwater, the octogenarians are causing mischief again. Ken’s smuggling of Eccles into the premises is soon discovered by Charles, and Norris is sidetracked by Freda attending all kinds of events. I'm enjoying this storyline as it's a completely different set-up to the street and it seems like a Corrie spin-off sitcom somehow? Breaking 'rule 24' of Stillwaters tenancy policy, Ken is fined and fuming. Is more mischief due? I do hope so!

Evelyn’s extra efforts for her date with Arthur is a cheering Corrie moment for me this week. Claudia’s makeover bodes well for her date and it's a fine scene. Can we have more of these two together, please?

Telling Alina that David is married with kids, Seb is a little too eager in dishing the dirt to his former beau, and it's blatantly obvious where his real feelings lay. Fuelled with anger, Seb’s punch is enough to convince Emma that this relationship is going nowhere, and once again (just like with Chesney and Gemma) she’s sidestepped.

I'm sure Emma deserves better but is any man on the street good enough for her?

Let me know your thoughts!


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coconno196 said...

I am enjoying the Stillwaters and Evelyn/ Arthur stories. Let's hope there is no cliffhanger with the last filmed scenes.
Alina is too young and sweet for David (as indeed was Emma), and why on earth would she be attracted to him? Couldn't the writers find a more believable way of showing that surly Seb still has feelings for Alina?

Louby said...

Bernie is way better than she was before her short absence, but I'm still not taken with her. She's the plot device for bringing Gemma's post natal depression to the fore, but they would have still tackled the issue by letting Gemma just tell Chesney that she feels that way and let her get some help.

dhvinyl said...

Stillwaters takes our Corrie fantasy to a whole new level. It must cost at least £1500 a week to stay there, and although Norris, I think, has money from the sale of his house, to the best of my fading memory, no money has changed hands between the Barlows, and the size of his lavishly furnished room makes even The Ritz looks pokey! Seb should not be allowed any romantic joy until he’s done something with his hair, never mind his attitude. David having a half-naked afternoon romp on his half-sized sofa is beyond ridiculous, The salons won’t have shut yet in Weatherfield, so he should be giving Seb a short back and sides. Can’t wait for self-isolation to hit the Street!!

popcorn said...

Not sure there are any men on the Street who are an appropriate age for Emma. She needs someone special - as did Raquel, who found Curly.

Abercrombie said...

David is a scum bag. Using people and being incredibly rude and hurtful instead of dealing with his feelings in a mature way. It's called projection!

Anonymous said...

It is also called grieving process. People do stupid things when they are rejected and feel hurt. Some of us can relate to that.

As for Ken, please do and try remember how many years he lived in number 1? He must have paid off all the mortgage, Blanche and Deirdre died and must have given him all the money. Blanche did have the money when she bought number 7. Ken also had lodgers over the years, so I am definitely sure that he has the money. Claudia also has several salons, so they both can afford it. Just try to stop overanalyse it and enjoy the show.

Abercrombie said...

I do agree with your first statement,Anon 7.45. Grieving takes us to another side of ourselves. I found David's behaviour, in denial,and hitting on Alina in a rude and mean fashion, unwholesome. The scripts that trigger me aways hit on my own experiences in some way. That type of behaviour in the soap is normal but the characters often learn nothing.I don't wish to stop analysing, it helps me to see where I am in myself. I am entitled to my view and you to yours. In reality telling me to stop is a not an option for you.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Corrie fans watch for different reasons. Some like to follow their favourite Twitter celebs and some watch in a fairly uncritical way while they're knitting or checking their phones. Others will get comfort from the storylines that touch them personally. I'm one of those who enjoy dissecting the plots, the acting and directing. While I'm pleased for the actors playing Tim & Abbie, I remember Joe Duttine's (?) name but couldn't tell you who plays Abi.

Anonymous said...

Abercrombie - I did not say stop? I was just merely pointing out the other side?

Anonymous said...

Ah you mean the Ken's comment. I meant that, not David, sorry if you saw differently. It was not my intention to talk about David, just Ken's situation.

Abercrombie said...

Don't worry. Probably David's behaviour was obnoxious to me!


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