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Wednesday 18 March 2020

How to Get Your Corrie Fix in the Coming Weeks

It looks like some of us might be stuck indoors soon and to make matters worse, some of our favourite TV shows will be shutting down. Monopoly boards are selling like hot-cakes and toilet-roll enthusiasts have looted most supermarkets so aside from passing Go and not collecting two hundred quid whilst wrapped in reams of Andrex we are going to have to find new ways of passing the time on lockdown.

Yes, There's a Corrie Version of Monopoly
There’s so much we can do. A spring clean, some gardening if you’re lucky enough to have one. Read a book – or even write one! Some of us will catch up on much needed sleep, or get into a rigorous fitness regime. But this is the Coronation Street Blog and I know some of you reading this will be hunkering down and sloping off to December 9th 1960 to watch Corrie from the very first episode.

Corrie on TV

For the time being, Coronation Street will continue to be filmed, although under a slightly different schedule. Both Corrie and Yorkshire-based soap Emmerdale will write older characters out temporarily in order to protect them from the pesky virus going round.

Depending on how things develop, Corrie is set to be on our screens pretty much as normal until at least the summer. And as far as I'm aware, we'll still be treated to Classic Corrie on ITV3 here in the UK daily (weekdays).

The Lights Haven't Gone Out Yet
Corrie on YouTube

As well as the official Coronation Street YouTube channel, the video-sharing website has a great many fan channels dedicated to Coronation Street as well as random clips, episodes, spoofs, documentaries and tributes.

My own fledgling YouTube channel is a mix of politics and Corrie, sometimes both at the same time, as seen here in Coronation Downing Street where past Prime Ministers speak through our Weatherfield favourites:

You can also watch Corrie Backwards. If you so wish.

Corrie on Paper

There are so many great Corrie books. From fictional stories to annuals, celebrations of individual characters, milestones and achievements, and there’s even a Coronation Street colouring book!

Amazon look to be delivering still, and some of the Corrie books are available on Kindle.

Our very own Glenda Young has written and contributed to several books on Coronation Street, and as well as her own brilliant novels these are listed on

Corrie Online

I'm sure we at the Blog will be posting and sharing throughout these strange times. We’re a great community and I know some readers check every day to see what Bloggers have posted. We really appreciate your loyalty not only to the best show on TV, but to this Blog.

Other places worth visiting online are of course set up by Blog Editor Glenda back in 1995 and has her famous weekly updates.

Our friends at Corriepedia have created the most fantastic online resource for all things Corrie.

And you can subscribe to ITV’s newsletter for Corrie news and spoilers.

Good Advice

Corrie in Your Ear

Our friends at Conversation Street, the brilliant Corrie fan Podcast have hours of episodes for you to listen to. On it they chat about storylines, episodes and interview cast members past and present. Find the podcast HERE.

As with all media, other Podcasts are out there too. Just do a Google search.

Corrie on Social Media

Of course we can all have a good old natter, or a bitch, or a rant on Twitter and Facebook
However you’re passing the time I hope you’re safe and comfortable. And us Bloggers hope you’ll be interacting with us, and watching Corrie in the coming days and weeks.

Feel free to send me a message on Facebook or Twitter if you fancy a chat.


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Anonymous said...

I'd like to have a chat but cannot find you on Facebook! :(

Glenda Young said...

We're coronation street Blog on Facebook

Stevie said...

and Here:

SuzInToronno said...

Corrie backwards is a hoot! Thanks for the first laugh I've had since social distancing came about.


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