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Monday 16 March 2020

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 13th and 16th January 1995

Denise was finding Ken exhausting, yammering in her ear.  He wanted Mike to let him take his manky furniture back but Mike thought he was trying it on and refused.  Also, he hates Ken, so there's that too.  Reg got Curly a job at Firman's Freezers as his right-hand man so that's the "dream team" reunited.  Derek met up with Norris, who heard about his fitness journey and convinced him over dinner to spend £700 on an exercise machine.  Mavis was understandably furious.  Don drove a woman named Josie all over town as she hunted down her daughter; when she was a bit short on the fare he let her off.  Meanwhile Vicky arrived to celebrate her 18th birthday; this meant she'd come of age, and therefore she came into her inheritance.  It was nearly a quarter of a million pounds and she took Bet out to dinner to celebrate.  Bet warned her that boys might be interested in her for her money now, which was a bit late because Steve was already looking hungrily at her across the bar...

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 18th and 20th January 1995

There was the return of a familiar face as the Member of Parliament for Batley and Spen, Tricia Armstrong, applied for the cafe flat.  Alma was less keen because not only did she have a son, she was on the social, so she suggested that Mike install her at number 1.  When he took her in to look round he was surprised to see all the furniture was gone.  Emily had lent Ken her key and he'd taken it all across to his flat.  Alma told him to let it go but an incensed Mike called the police.  Denise went to register Daniel and was told she couldn't put the father down on the birth certificate as they weren't married and he wasn't present.  She registered him anyway, which left Ken feeling that she had a low opinion of him.  Josie tracked Don down to pay him the rest of her fare, which pleased him, so he took her to the Rovers for a drink.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 23rd and 25th January 1995

Liz started work at the bookies.  The set for the bookies is huge, by the way, and bears no relation to how it looks now it's Tracy's florist.  Liz's new job annoyed everyone, as Des was unhappy that Sean had gone over his head to employ her, Bet was disappointed she'd lost an on-call barmaid for when Betty was doing her functions, and Steve was embarrassed when he phoned up to place a bet.  Liz then caused ructions when she refused to take a £300 bet off him because it was too large; Des took it anyway.  Meanwhile, Vera demanded she not take any bets off Jack, even though his horse came in.  A policeman turned up at Ken's to quiz him about the furniture but he was a former pupil of his and he tried to minimise the affair.  He encouraged Mike to sort it out as a civil matter, but Baldwin refused, and Ken was taken down the station.  They didn't press charges though.  His bad day got worse when Tracy turned up on his doorstep.  She hinted and hemmed and finally had to remind him that it was her 18th birthday.  He offered her fifty quid, but Tracy was upset it was so little, and told him to stick it.  Mavis went out for a drink with Roger where he quizzed her about Rita.  Jealous, she told him that Rita wasn't the kind of woman to be friends with a man.  Tricia moved into number 1 with her son Jamie.  Emily nipped round to introduce herself, and was shocked by how coarse and common she was. 

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 27th and 30th January 1995

Audrey found out that there was going to be a royal at an afternoon reception.  (They didn't say who it was, and I reckon we were meant to think it was Diana, but Audrey said she'd been told she looked like her so I'm going for Princess Michael of Kent).  She demanded to be allowed to attend, and threatened to withdraw all home comforts unless she did, but Alf told her that Betty was the mayoress so that was the end of it.  Then she tried being nice to him, and that didn't work either.  Liz and Steve rowed in the bookies, with Steve rubbing his money in her face and calling her house a slum, and she stormed out in anger.  Des asked her to return and told her he'd keep Steve away from her.  Roger and Rita agreed to be just friends, and then he never appeared in the show again, so that was the end of that.  Mavis tried out Derek's exercise machine in unsuitable shoes and ended up in hospital.  Derek decided to sue the manufacturers.  Vera took Tricia under her wing, which was very sweet until Jack helped them get into their house after being locked out, and they recognised him as the bloke Jamie's dad thumped the previous year while babysitting.  Vera immediately assumed she'd been having it away with Jack and... ew.  In the meantime Tricia went round putting her foot in it with all her new neighbours.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 1st and 3rd February 1995

Derek got Mavis to stay off work as much as possible so he could maximise his claim with Mile Muncher.  He got Norris round, and though Mavis knew it was her fault, they still demanded compensation from him for her accident.  There was a historic first appearance of Ashley Peacock, helping out his "uncle" Fred in the butcher's shop and with a voice that wasn't quite as squeaky as it later seemed to be.  He looked about twelve.  Audrey was there to get Fred's help against Alf - she decided to form a splinter group, attending Mayoral functions separately as the Mayoress with Fred as her companion and chauffeur.  He even presented her with a "chain" taken off a pig's head display in the shop.  Tricia started work at the Rovers as a cleaner, but the real drama in the pub came from Vicky.  She'd dropped out of school now that she was eighteen.  Bet was naturally livid and threatened to throw her out unless she went back.  Vicky wouldn't be told but did agree to go to see the headmistress with Bet. 

Is it just @merseytart, or is Classic Corrie starting to feel a lot more modern?  1995 seems to be a real turning point.

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C in Canada said...

Wow Ashley does look VERY young in that picture!

Louby said...

I love it when a new character appears, especially one who became well established in the street for a lot of years. Can't be long before Maxine appears now surely?


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