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Thursday 26 March 2020

The Archers on Coronation Street!

It will be 23 years ago, this year, that I began fanatically watching Coronation Street. As a child of the 1980s, I'd watched Aussie soap Neighbours, and later on, scouse drama Brookside, but nothing quite caught my attention quite like Corrie. I got lost in Weatherfield that year, and I’ve never left. I devour books written by past directors, writers, and cast, immerse myself in stats via corriepedia, engage in fandom via conversation street podcast, and I'm forever on twitter, so really, you’d think I wouldn't have time to watch another soap. I don't, so I've found one I can listen to instead!

Paul Copley also plays 'Leonard' in The Archers 
Historically speaking, radio drama The Archers is older than Corrie having made it's on-air debut in 1951, so it's nearly 70 years old! I've only been listening for about 3 years but with daily 12 minute episodes (apart from Saturday), it is ‘bitesize’, easily digestible, and although a slower pace to our continuing tv dramas, it's no less entertaining!

Louiza Patikas as 'Helen Archer'

Dispel any myths about farming folk being boring, as the families of Ambridge ( its a village a bit like Emmerdale) are full of secrets, relationships, & disasters, that can be as equally shocking, entertaining, and even headline-grabbing. In its most recent history, Helen Archer's domestic abuse storyline caused quite the media storm and actress Louiza Patikas played the part so well, ultimately the storyline that got me listening to the show. The name may not immediately spring to your attention but the very same actress plays medical centre receptionist Moira Pollock on the cobbles too!

Last week, Corrie also introduced us to Evelyn Plummer's long lost lover Arthur, played by actor Paul Copley who also plays ‘Leonard’, the love interest of Jill Archer, in the rural radio saga. Another character in the show, Peggy Woolley also has a cat called 'Hilda Ogden' which breaks the soap fourth-wall even further! 

I am still quite new to the radio drama (compared with my lifetime Corrie devotion) so if anyone has any other Corrie/Ambridge links, tweet me up @rybazoxo 

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Kosmo said...

The actress playing Lily Pargetter was the one who got the job of Bethany and was then sacked before starting.

At one point both programmes had couples called Roy and Hayley which was very confusing.

Clinkers (David) said...

Dev's original mother was played by the actress who is Usha in 'The Archers'. She's probably about three years older than Dev . .

Anonymous said...

I am actually curious how they do play soap on the radio? do they have audio description or?

Anonymous said...

to play soaps on radio they stand behind mikes, have light paper scripts so you dont hear them turn the pages and have sound effects like different flooring and a flight of stairs with a door at the top so people can stop upstairs to their room and slam the door shut

I had the privilege of knowing Arnrold Peters who played Jack Wolley and had a tour of their original studios at pebble mill back in 1987.

C in Canada said...

I wish they'd give Moira more screen time. I didn't like her at first but then they stopped writing her as mean and switched to...uh...'eccentric' (I guess the best description) and she's been hilarious ever since.
I would love for her and Mary to be roommates....that would be comedy gold.

Philip said...

I think that Moira is great and the reason that she isn't on much is the fact that she is still on the Archers.

I wonder why they brought her back though, since she is still on the Archers. When Moira was on the first time, she was getting more to do and working great with Liz and Steve, then they sent her away with Vic Reeves character. She ended up returning, but is very seldom seen. So, it is a bit confusing as to how the programme plans to use her.

One thing I would like to see is to get a Moira cast card. I know that she is a recurring character but I have cast caeda for Paula and Alex, so a Moira card could be a possibility.


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