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Sunday 22 March 2020

Corrie Comicals week ending 20 March 2020

I think we can all say that it has been a strange old week.  Sadly I am of the opinion that all of the government imposed measures will achieve little other than discontent and boredom.  And many bankruptcies which will bring much doom and gloom.  More importantly there has been no sighting of Dirk for many weeks - a very worrying development.

By and large I do not actually see the quads as a humourous story but here Gemma (above) is defending her singing ability by reporting a comment of a former teacher.  Like many observations from teachers I would say that this could well be interpreted in two ways!  I somehow think that she thinks more of her singing prowess than listeners do!

Summer having been MIA for some time returns and is obviously getting on well with Paul as they have been practicing and kindly demonstrate a hand slapping routine as proof that they have been spending time entertaining themselves when Billy has been detained on the business of the Lord.  Sadly a single frame cannot capture events properly but it is about 3.5 minutes into Monday's second episode

Sometimes I do not have the faintest idea what the writers and characters are talking about and this was a prime example on Wednesday.  I am of course aware of The Three Little Pigs referring the hair on your chinny chin chin, but I have never heard it being used in the way that Tyrone explains to an equally bemused Evelyn who is NOT, I repeat NOT, going on a date with Arthur (Paul Copley and his cockapoo) in Victoria Gardens later.  Paul Copley is another refugee from The Archers, alongside Louisa Patikas (Moira) where he has been dating Jill Archer for some time.  For those who are interested Paul is  returnee - having first appeared as a photographer in 1972 and as Ivor Priestley in 2007.  More recently he has been in Last Tango in Halifax alongside Raquel Watts (Sarah Lancashire).

I have been missing Mary I realised as she joined Seb in describing Eileen's snoring activities to Alina (who looks like she is back for more than one scene this time).  First Sean (also resident at Eileen's again) describes as like a freight train and Mary adds that it is like a cartoon with the blankets raising up (above).  Alina (who looks like a different girl as she finally shows a smile and thinks it is nice that Eileen takes in waifs and strays!

Now I love it when Mary spins one of her stories.  Apparently she had to bribe Tracy to be allowed off work in Preston's Petals to cover for Roy in the cafe.  But to be honest I don't believe that Tracey can actually consume a Full English, two frothy coffees and a Belgian Bun. 

Evelyn is going to meet her old boyfriend tonight in the Rovers and Claudia has decided she needs a makeover.  Susan Oudot took the opportunity to give these two legends - Maureen Lipman and Rula Lenska - a real verbal workout as they crossed swords.  Evelyn above is asking not to end up as a pig in lipstick having already accused Claudia of being mutton dressed as lamb!

Once Evelyn has "juzzed up" a bit Claudia shows her the improvement:

We can see that Evelyn is not impressed, saying that she has been made to look like a Chihuahua ina  wind tunnel and she refuses to pay Claudia for the obvious hours of effort and the latter departs the house.

Then in the tiniest gap before the cut to the next scene Evelyn reviews her new look and a small smile starts to emerge.  And frankly catching the screen grab was nigh on impossible! 

I doff my cap to the writing and the acting in this scene - two legends have I am sure enjoyed the sharp exchanges and making something almost magical for us in just a few minutes - but they needed the excellent script in the first place.  I can but hope that when "normality" returns those concerned are all able once to bring their strengths to bear in delivering the equal of these two scenes.  And to be honest if Corrie did more of this character based element then I believe it would be much stronger.

Please all keep safe and well.

Written by: Chris Fewtrell & Jan McVerry (Monday); Carmel Morgan & Steven Fay (Wednesday);  Susan Oudot (Friday)
Directed by: Audrey Cooke (Monday); Gill Wilkinson (Wednesday & Friday)


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1 comment:

Louby said...

I did love the Evelyn makeover scene, and yes they were great together, Maureen and Rula.

Kosmo, are you quite young? I mean that in the nicest possible way! Young enough to not remember when kids used to say chinny reckon to each other to suggest that what they were saying was BS. This phrase was made famous (ish) again in the early 90s by the Mary Whitehouse Experience.


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