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Saturday 14 March 2020

Jane Hazelgrove interview: Bernie returns to Corrie

What makes Bernie suddenly reappear in Weatherfield?
She gets a phone call from Gemma, she says she’s alright but Bernie’s heard something in her voice that indicates that she needs some help. Whatever tiny bit of maternal instinct that Bernie’s got has suddenly been heightened and she comes back to do what she can.

Is she surprised by what she finds?
Yes I think so, not necessarily surprised by the chaos that four babies brings, but certainly about her daughter’s mental health, she can see it deteriorating, she’s not herself, she’s not the Gemma that everyone knows and loves, there’s something that’s not quite right.

Does she regret leaving Gemma to manage without her?
Yes very much so but hindsight is a wonderful thing isn’t it.

What does she think of Gemma’s new ‘friends’ Imogen and Vanessa?
Not a lot at all, Bernie’s lived quite a life and I think she has a rather brilliant sense of perspicacity. Her instincts are not always right but as far as these two women are concerned she knows that they’re not good for Gemma and they’re perhaps disempowering her. She’s no fool Bernie!

What happens when Gemma realises they have lied to her about being busy but are actually having fun without her in Imogen’s back garden?
They overhear a conversation in the alley and it’s quite apparent to Bernie that it’s traumatised Gemma so Bernie foes round there and tells them exactly what she thinks of them, which doesn’t exactly help Gemma’s cause but certainly makes Bernie feel better. It’s absolutely devastating, I think for any parent, or for anyone who loves somebody, to see them being bullied by a group making out they’re friends is awful to see. Bernie is the lioness and she’s going to do everything she can to make sure that her baby is alright.

How does Bernie feel when Gemma breaks down after being arrested and confesses she is feeling low?
It’s devastating, I think she’s quite cross with herself that she didn’t see it sooner and that she hasn’t been around. It’s time for Bernie to stop being selfish and be selfless, which is something Bernie hasn’t done before. I do think Bernie can change, I think what happened with Paul has given her a real kick up the backside about listening to that still quiet voice that mums have. 

Does Bernie realise that this is more than just Gemma feeling a bit stressed and down?
I don’t know that she does initially, she put it down to tiredness because that's what Gemma’s been saying. But Bernie’s got 30 years on here so she maybe sees a bit more than Gemma thinks she’s revealing. 

Could this be Bernie’s chance to step up to the plate and help her daughter?
Possibly, I don’t think old Bernie’s ever far away as far as the scams are concerned but she’s got to knuckle down now and help her family because she doesn’t want to see that broken. She’s actually repairing for the first time because she's spent the last 30 years deconstructing things and now it’s time to repair. 

Do you think Bernie really does care for her kids and wants an opportunity to makeup for letting them down in the past?
Yes absolutely, she’s always loved them even though she wasn’t a natural mum. She’s been quite a selfish woman for too long and the kids in a lot of respects had to bring themselves up. I hope this is the point where she goes this is what it’s like to be a mum, this is my chance.

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