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Monday, 9 March 2020

Corrie A Movie

Coronation Street hasn’t quite hit the big screen but several feature-length films have allowed us to see our Weatherfield favourites away from the cobbles. Roy and Hayley travelled to Romania, Jack and Vera took Las Vegas by storm, and the Battersby-Browns adventured in South Africa back in 2008. And of course Alec, Rita, Mavis and others were all reunited on a cruise ship in 1995.

Rumours of a Corrie spin-off started to spread recently following the announcement that Ken was to move out of Number 1 and to a retirement village called ‘Still Waters’, which sounded quite sinister to me, but a great name for a film. The Golden Girls stayed at ‘Shady Pines’ which sounds a bit more welcoming although the name still suggests “you are coming here to die”.

Who knows if there will be a spin-off for Ken, or even a TV movie, to honour the longest serving character and cast member. I thought of a few movie ideas anyway, if producers did want to make a Corrie cinema spectacular, inspired by some Hollywood classics…

KABIN FEVER (Cabin Fever, 2003)

They bickered a LOT when stuck in that little toffee shop together. Now Rita and Mavis face a common foe in 'Kabin Fever'.

 CARLAGEDDON (Armageddon, 1998)

To save the world from a huge asteroid, Carl and her team of heroic seamstresses must stitch together a giant pair of knickers to catch the deadly rock and prevent the destruction of humanity.

I'd watch it.

THE ONES BARLOW (The Ones Below, 2016)

Young Tracy's gone missing. All Ken and Deirdre have to cling on to is the sound of her tapes. But the sound is coming from...under the floorboards.


No plot to this film. A camera crew just follows Mary around and she does funny stuff. 

TRAMSPOTTING (Trainspotting, 1996)

Retelling of the 2010 Weatherfield tram crash - but all the characters are on heroin.


To help find a cure for Coronavirus, bat fanatic Roy spends a whole weekend observing bats on the Red Rec. He meets some interesting people while he's there...

The Oscars will be flooding in.

Any other Corrie film suggestions? Tweet the Blog with your ideas.



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C in Canada said...

HAHAHAH! I'd watch all of those, especially Something about Mary!

Anonymous said...

'Corrie on Camрing' with lots of shenanigans involving tents. An 'in-tents' movie! 2 thumbs uр! :)


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