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Simon Gregson Interview: Shock for Steve, he's Emma's dad!

How has life been for Steve since the stresses of Amy getting pregnant?

That was a difficult time for Steve, Tracy and Amy but I do feel as though they have come out the other side of it stronger. He and Tracy are rubbing along quite nicely and Steve is having a fairly uneventful time for once which is fine by him as he likes an easy life.

Is he enjoying life with Tracy and Amy away on holiday?

Yes he has got no one telling him what to do, all is good in Steve’s world so I guess that is the time when you know something is going to go wrong!

How does he feel when he first discovers that he may possibly be Emma’s dad?

He can’t believe it, he hasn’t even thought about Fiona for so long so to discover that she is Emma’s mum is a real blast from the past for him, but it is a step to far for him to even imagine that he might be Emma’s dad.

Does he believe it could be a possibility?

Not really, he is trying to work it out and he feels as though she would be more likely to be Jim’s daughter, it is a bit mind blowing to think he has a 20 year old daughter.

Is he excited at the prospect?

I don’t think he really knows what to think. I think in all honesty he would be hoping that it isn’t the case. What happened with Leanne was bad enough but he has got his head round that situation and co-parents with Leanne, but to suddenly have a grown up daughter is like something from Long Lost Families, how do you process that information?

Does he like Emma?

She’s a nice girl and he has seen her at the barbers and in the pub but she isn’t someone he has had a lot of interaction with.

What makes him decide to try and do a DNA test?

He starts researching how to do it because he doesn’t actually want to tell Emma that he might be her dad, he is trying to get his head round it himself and he doesn’t want to tell her anything until he knows for sure. 

If she were to be proved to be his daughter would he be sad about missing her growing up?

He hasn’t thought that far ahead but even in this week you can see that he is starting to look out for her and be quite protective, helping her with some cash for the funeral. He feels sorry for her that she is on her own trying to organise everything.

Is he worried about what Tracy might say?

As ever with Steve it is about going about things the right way. In reality he should come clean straight away and tell Tracy what has been happening and that he might be Emma’s dad. It happened before he even knew Tracy and there is no reason for her to have an issue with it but of course Steve is going to go about it all the wrong way and cause himself many more problems.

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Karen said...

I thought Fiona had a son, called him Morgan?

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