Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Could Emma be Jim's daughter - not Steve's?

Let's cast our minds back to that time when Fiona Middleton lived and worked on Coronation Street. she ran the hair salon. She went out with Steve. She also went out with Steve's dad, Jim. So she did.

Would the timings work out, does anyone know? 

Could Emma be Jim's daughter, I wonder?


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C in Canada said...

OMG could you imagine after all the aggro about finding out it was Steve...then being Big Jim!
Poor Emma...she wouldn't know what to think!

Humpty Dumpty said...

It would be a good twist but Wikipedia says: "Jim has a one-night stand with his son Steve's ex-girlfriend, Fiona Middleton... Alan dumps Fiona as he now doubts that the child she is carrying is his...Tests show that Jim's vasectomy hasn't failed and therefore Alan is Morgan's father" But a little re-writing of history could sort out that minor detail!

popcorn said...

I have been wondering that very thing.

Louby said...

Fiona and Alan were supposed to get married in late 97, and he called it off when Fiona confessed to a fling with Jim. So as her fling was a one-off, the answer is no. (I used 40 Years of Corrie by Daran Little to check!)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do not think it is Jim at all, Fiona had a fling with Steve just before she left.

Anonymous said...

Fiona's one night stand with Jim was early enough for him to suspect he might be the father of her son Morgan - Emma is a few years younger again, so no, Jim can't be the dad. But she was with Steve right before she left, so him being Emma's dad makes perfect sense without having to retcon swathes of show history.

Newfy Pearl said...

I like the storyline, it gives roots to the character of Emma. I like that character very very much. :-) I am looking forward to the relationship she will have with Liz. In regard to her being Steve's seems to cement him in the Ken Barlow follow up....who else but Ken Barlow has so many children from different sources. lol I hope they play it out nicely and we see tender and funny moments between Emma and Steve. No doubt there will be aggro from Amy who will feel slighted at not being daddy's only girl....and Tracey...well, we have seen her softer side drawn out by Sinead....but a story has to have drama, so I am sure the writers will use Tracey. Anyway, sorry to ramble...I am really enjoying the show. :-)

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