Monday, 12 August 2019

Bizarre baby bump story for Gemma

There's a rather odd storyline coming up for Gemma when her baby bump takes centre stage and gets a storyline of its own.

Paparazzi pictures taken over the last few days show Coronation Street filming at what is being filmed as Weatherfield County's football ground. 

Chesney takes Gemma to a game there - and she gets stuck in the turnstile.

Poor love.

You can see all the pictures here.

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Jo said...

And in other news, Gemma and Chesney spotted in local gurning contest first prize being a lifetime supply of Eccles cakes.

Anonymous said...

Even before they're born, the quads get a storyline?This is getting ridiculous!
Recently Jenny had a collection to help with expenses for the quads so how can Chesney and Gemma afford to go to a football game?
Did they spend the moneyJenny raised for their children?

Anonymous said...

Don't think it costs that much to watch a non League team. Think they'd spend more than that in Roy's Rolls or in the Rivers all the time

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