Thursday, 8 August 2019

Behind the scenes safety work at Webster's Autos

Here's something interesting from behind-the-scenes at Websters Autos. 

The picture above shows an engineer called Connor who was out and about on the Coronation Street set this week. He's not an actor or a member of crew. He's a real-life health and safety inspector, making sure that all is well at Webster's.

Connor is from a company called Mandate Systems which goes into Coronation Street to carry out work and make sure that even behind the scenes, things are as real as they can be.

Connor was at Corrie updating the Written Scheme of Examination and completing examinations on the garage's compressed air equipment. Even Kevin Webster knows he has to comply with pressure System Safety Regulations.

The work that Mandate Systems completes is quite a specialised field. By law compressed air systems that are used in the work place have to have a Written Scheme of Examination and regular exams each year to comply with the Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000. It is similar to an MOT on a car, the examinations are to ensure that the equipment is safe and fit for use and is not likely to give rise to any foreseeable danger.

Garage equipment that uses compressed air to inflate tyres for example, usually falls into this legislation and this is what Connor was examining at Webster’s garage.   

And, not only that, but the lovely people at Mandate Systems are offering Coronation Street Blog readers a a promotional discount of 10% if they would like a quote providing in August. Interested? 

Just quote Corrie when contacting them via their website.

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