Saturday, 2 February 2019

Corrie Comicals week ending 1 February 2019

Hi.  I am here - just.  My right hand remains bandaged and typing is limited to a couple of fingers - but I will do the best I can!  Adam does not get to appear here very often and we are actually celebrating one of his clients who apparently has a set of Star Trek Toby Jugs and every time there is some minor grudge the destination of those jugs changes requiring a new will!  I have no idea what a Star Trek Toby Jug would look like either!  Adam was feeling generally grumpy, the heating was too hot, the coffee machine too noisy, papers were filed wrongly!  Just one of those days!

The web page cannot do justice to some parts of Corrie and the way Evelyn was finally forced to explain that Cassie was a drug addict to Tyrone was a master class of performance outweighing content.  Go and watch Monday part 2 online to see what I mean.

David and Nick are going to open a barbers and hipster hangout (have hipsters reached Manchester yet?).  David has one potential name - above; Nick says it should be simple - Nick's (hardly a suitable place for a close shave); or perhaps a combination of their names - Navid's or Dick's?  I think we will probably get some more quips out of this!  Dapper Dave's Shaves perhaps?

Just a little verbal exchange between Rita and Paul Foreman who is using some outrageous flattery to extricate himself from 35p.  Rita knows exactly what is going and cheerfully admits it to Gemma who is listening in the background.

The pay off came early in the second episode where Gemma goes into Prima Doner to complain to Cathy that everywhere she goes today her brother keeps popping up - and Paul promptly pops up from behind the counter where he has been repairing a sticky till drawer.

A couple of asides: I bet Abi and Peter were feeling the cold if they ever got around to removing any clothes!  Personally I believe that the Amy pregnancy story is hard to believe so I have concluded that the unlikely bun baking was devised simply to get Vicky Jefferies (Kerri Quinn) back on t'Street; if so the writers and storyliners are getting a round of applause here as I reckon she could make quite an impact.

Outside my normal remit but this was real heartbreak time as Abi and Seb said farewell to the twins who are to be formally adopted by the foster family.  I think we can all understand why Abi feels as she does, although I felt there was no need for her to kill off Seb's attempts to take on the two children and his disappointment at the outcome of the case is causing him much pain - is he going over to the dark side?  Once again the Street takes us to extreme highs and lows.

Rita is telling Brian that Norris needs capital and is selling the Kabin.  Rita can see that this will be the end of her retailing career as she reckons any new owner will not want her.  Of course our answer to the question she poses above is that we all want her to continue.  Especially if she continues to administer a boot up the backside to those in need - like Jenny tonight.

Writers: Chris Fewtrell (Monday); Martin Allen & Simon Crowther (Wednesday); Owen Lloyd-Fox (Friday)
Directors: Karl Neilson (Monday & Wednesday); Simon Ferguson (Friday)


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Anonymous said...

I could do without Vicky Jefferies, just another common loudmouth. We need more characters with intelligence and interesting jobs.

coconno196 said...

I agree wholeheartedly. Yet another rough character who will no doubt be softened up, like the Battersbys, Windasses, Steve's exes Karen and Becky, Kylie, Gemma, and so on. Don't know how she kept a straight face when she said Tyler was a good boy!! As for the shortage of well educated professionals, we have now lost Adam Barlow and "Dr" Ali, who took to murder so easily.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Given that this blog post is about Comicals, I'm sorry that Peter and Abi won't be a long-term couple. In the short time they've been almost an item, you could see the comic potential of this couple. What's missing from Peter and Carla is the humour. Everyone thought Sally should always be with Kev, but the writers struck gold when Sally teamed up with Tim. It could be the same with Peter and Abi.

Anonymous said...

Of course Manchester has hipsters! We've had them for years. There's even a district with hipster bars and restaurants, namely the Northern Quarter

christine said...

regarding losing professionals...don't forget Rana, a nurse, is leaving

Anonymous said...

"Have hipsters reached Manchester?" I can only assume you don't know Manchester.

Anonymous said...

Well said

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