Thursday, 7 February 2019

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 06th Feb 7.30pm

Welcome to Wednesday's edition of the Coronation Street Blog, and the first of tonight's two episodes-reviewed in a handy blog post.

Paul dossed at Rita's flat, with the siblings now reunited after the Victoria market saga. Armed with underworlds van, Paul seems to have really settled on the street. With twins reunited, let's hope no more van mishaps are in store...
The day of Jenny's court case has arrived and residents talk turns to The Rovers landlady. Is our (my) favourite redhead facing jail?.
Returning from London, Johnny greets an obviously anguished Jenny and does little to dispel his wife's fears.

Liz, also due to take to the stand, feels ready to take on the Connors. Swayed by Steve to give the Connors 'what for', Liz bumps into Rita on the street who tries to convince her that the court case is actually a fruitless affair. As the Connors gather outside the pub ready to depart, a distraught Gemma hatches a plan. Harassing Imran at the solicitors, Imran gives Gemma some perfect free advice. If Liz doesn't make it to court, the case could collapse.

At The Kabin, Brian and Cathy are feeling furtive with getting their feet under the newsagent's door, Rita, distracted by Jennys drama, knows little of who Norris is selling to.

Nick and David talk shop, with the delivery of a football table and a stack of hairdresser CVs. 
At the cafe, the lads decide that tattooed barbers may not attract enough hipster clientele and decide to hire sexy stylists instead (not very PC that boys!). Failing to poach Emma, the brothers turn down Bethany, as they want eye-candy to ogle (obviously their niece would be a bit weird)!. Anyway, It looks like the lads are going to be interviewing some 'totty' instead. Bethany feeds this tidbit of information back to Shona and Leanne, and the Platt girlfriends are on the warpath.

At Liz's flat, a desperate Gemma pays a visit and pleads Jenny's innocence. Twocking Underworlds van from Paul, Gemma and her brother have a plan.

In court, it seems Jenny's case is going to be delayed as the star witness Liz, hasn't turned up. It isn't long before the police are on the street looking for Liz, just as Paul and Gemma leave the scene, in Underworlds van.

Norris calls Rita to give her the news that he's sold the Kabin, just as new owners Brian and Cathy, walk in.

Is Liz in the van? will totty be hired at the barbers? will Rita self-combust and beat new newsagent owner Brian, to a pulp?.

More from me later tonight, with your Coronation Street blog review of 8.30 pms part two!.

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May said...

I used to quite like Gemma but now I think she is terrible. She shouts at customers in the pub when she is supposed to working, she shouts at innocent people and barges into their workplaces and homes , talks all the time she's eating and has no manners whatsoever. Why do people put up with her?

Anonymous said...

People like that do exist. It's important that the soap shows a range of characters. So glad that the new producer is focusing on characters that you can actually believe live in weatherfield and not Wilmslow. If only they could get rid of the cobbles, the set might actually start looking realistic rather than nostalgic

MartesBC said...

nah! Corronation Street is hot piece of real estate that lives both on television/streaming internet and in our imaginations. cobbles stay:).Besides they tried to remove them in the 40th anniversary show to no avail.

Janet said...

Anon. talking of believable characters I was wondering the other day about how realistic it is to have to have so many very slim women on a on an ordinary street.

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