Saturday, 6 October 2018

Corrie Comicals week ending 5 October 2018

We start off with Brian's approach to interviews - "vim, vigour and brio".  As he goes on to add "Other cleaning products are available!"

Vicky Jeffries is extolling just how much she likes cats of all descriptions and then after a moment's thought she decides there is one cat on which she has never been keen - the wonderful Cat Deeley.  Someone should get Ms Deeley to make an appearance on the Street and get the two of them together - could be a real cat fight!

Angie and Toyah have just decided on a girly night out on the pull, they slap hands and "Sister from another mister" from Angie is followed by Toyah with "Sisters before misters" and then Jenny chimes in from behind the bar with "Fries before Guys", showing just why she should be landlady of the Rovers.  And we seem to have that smile back on R'Toyota's face; such a change since she left the Rovers!

In amongst the angst of David getting the Josh gremlin off his back there was a wonderful little bit where David almost convinced Billy that Josh was on the floor of the salon bleeding to death having encountered David's ability to wield the many sharp scissors.  Knowing David as we do we could almost believe he might just do that - but perhaps he has finally grown up and if he is leaving as rumoured then I hope they find a worthy story for his departure.

In a continuing drama you should never say that things could not get worse (over Cormac's death), of course they can as the drug dealing, criminal mastermind Ronan Truman appears around the door.  (Well it made me laugh).

Ken is making progress in writing his romantic short story and incorporating a very obvious literary reference which Geoff is reading out loud and then implies it is trashy rubbish!

There is not a great deal of humour in cancer, drugs or the aftermath of sepsis so it was a little thin on the ground until Steve got drunk with Jim, so he did, and they started discussing what animals they would be in another existence.  Not sure Jim would be much else other than a wily fox as things stand at the moment.

David is exploiting Bethany's wish to make up for not telling him about Billy seeing Josh in hospital and the now completely normal David has her running errands, doing the family shopping, stocktakes, minding the children and buying them pizza (there was a pizza epidemic in progress as Jack had to eat one as well).  And of course Bethany could not find the waterproof tea bags David had asked her to get!

Sheer misplaced optimism is apparent here as Liz struggles to find something for Hannah to wear to the McDonald / Barlow wedding.  That dress is vile and I cannot imagine Liz would wear it let alone inflict it on anyone else!

Mary has trouble communicating with Abi, initially calling her adjutant then referring to their working relationship (in relation to progressing the wedding) as a collab with Mary in charge like Shaggy and Sting - with Mary as Shaggy.  No I do not have the faintest idea what goes on inside her head either.

I am bit worried about Sophie's mental health as she accuses a customer of Speed Dahl of taking toilet roll from the toilets.  Or at least she assumed that.  Yasmeen points out that when you assume you make an "ass" out of "you" and "me".  The jokes don't work so well when written down do they?  Yasmeen's delivery was all important.

As the drugs and blackmail plot lines drove onwards humour was a little lacking in part 2 on Friday but I am not sure just how prophetic Steve was being as he explained to Abi that Tracy can be a pretty fearsome enemy.  What will Tracy do when one of the many people who know tell her about the bunk-up with Leanne?

Extras at work came early this week:

The Dirkster rushed back and forth a couple of times in this particular scene whilst Vicky Jeffries pontificates on cats - leading to the punch line we saw earlier!

Writers: Carmel Morgan and Jonathan Harvey (Monday), Ellen Taylor and Ella Greenhill (Wednesday) Julie Jones and Martin Allen (Friday)
Directors: Ian Bevitt (Monday), Alan Grint (Wednesday & Friday)

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popcorn said...

There are rumours that David is leaving? Please, say it isn't so!

maggie muggins said...

My thought too, about David! You ruined a perfectly good, and very funny, blog entry until I read that, Kosmo!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jack P Shepherd will leave. He'll always be David Platt, whatever he appears in. Maybe his contact is up for renewal? A threat to leave may help his negotiations? Hopefully that's all it is, just a threat

Anonymous said...

No one is indispensable, but I too would hate to see him gone. That news was quite a jolt just thrown in the review like that.

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