Tuesday, 14 November 2017

7 episodes of Coronation Street next week

There's going to be seven, yes, seven episodes of Coronation Street next week.

The schedule will run as follows:

Monday double episodes as normal
Wednesday double episodes as normal
Extra episode on Thursday night
Friday double episodes as normal

We're getting the extra episode to make up for one of the episodes which was missed last week due to the football.  Which I guess means we'll be treated to another seven episodes per week in due course as Corrie catches up after the football too.

What do you think about seven episodes of Corrie in one week?

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1 comment:

ChurchLady said...

Having a hard time getting through six episodes lately.It's like my heart is breaking piece by piece. Three hours is a good deal of time to invest and if I don't care about the characters..sorry but I'm washing me 'air.

Bring back Tracy for more than a one liner, give Roy a good storyline, get rid of Cathy, Bryan, Sinead, and a host of other deadweights..

Nurses, doctors, cops....(we see Adam being very busy with his firm)..let's see some more of that set.
Almost every person seems to end up in the hospital lately so that outta take up the sixth episode every week..it could be called..Dishcharging all of the patients so they can hit the Rovers before last call

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