Monday, 9 October 2017

5 Coronation Street Christmas storylines that could sparkle

It's that time of year when thoughts turn to Christmas here on the Coronation Street Blog.  Well, in my mind they do anyway!  I'm wondering what Corrie are busy filming right now, for storylines that will be leading up to those we'll see on our screens at Christmas. 

We've already had the list of Corrie cast members appearing in pantomime this year. Oh yes we have! Missed it! It's behind you! Oh yes it is! Oh not it's not, it's here.

Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes, Christmas.  So here are my top 5 festive wishes for a very merry Christmas on Coronation Street.

Sean and Norris spend Christmas Day together

I do think Corrie have missed a comic trick not letting us see into the domestic arrangements of the odd couple of Weatherfield. I've said it before and I'll say it again.  A touching scene or two over a plate of sprouts and turkey would set this right and could be magic.

Rita sings in the Rovers

Well, I still don't know if Rita is being killed off or not, so I'm hoping not and going with it.  Christmas isn't Christmas on Coronation Street without a sing-song in the Rovers and with all that we've been through with Rita this year, a tune or two would set the world to rights.

Fancy dress party at Underworld

Please, let's have Tim and Sally feature highly in any Coronation Street story this Christmas. There's always a good comedy storyline in Corrie at Christmas, and having Tim and Sally forefront in it would make sense. Have them in fancy dress too and the show's a winner.

The Quiet Man

I'd love for Roy to be given a big storyline this Christmas, one in which he remembers Hayley and does something to honour her memory and her life, something to do with the pancreatic cancer charity perhaps?

A legend returns

I've just asked my husband what Christmas storyline he'd most love to turn up on Coronation Street this year. His reply was for Suzie Birchall to return dressed as a sexy elf.  Ah well, good luck with that one.

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Antiphon said...

Does anyone know if Bethany has left the program for good now that the court case is over or has she only gone back to Milan for a short break to help her recover from the trauma? I wasn't aware that Lucy Fallon was planning to leave the show but reports online seem to imply that she has left indefinitely. Also, is there any truth in the reports that Gary Windass is going to be killed off in the Ukraine? If so, could this be the reason behind Anna Windass leaving the cobbles?

Anonymous said...

Would be nice if Emily came back at Christmas !

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