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Coronation Street Weds 7th September episode review

Sarah Platt's finger made a surprise return in last night's episode

Hello! It's just Jordan with this week's Wednesday review. Apologies for the lack of review last week - this summer has been ridiculously busy.

Anyway, as Wednesday dawned on the cobbles this week, Beth bounces into number 5, arms bound with Freshco bags. She's been out to do the shopping incredibly early, beating all the crowds and picking up a plethora of treats for Craig at the same time.  As we know, Craig and Beth have had a fallen out recently, which all started when Beth was a tinker with Craig's police application. She failed to mention to Craig that his dad is in prison and as such, Craig has been staying with Tim and Sally. Our pal Sal has taken it upon herself to act as mediator and has arranged a meeting at her house after work. Naturally, Sally has grabbed this opportunity of authority with both hands and has even tweeted about it.  Craig is still a little apprehensive about this meeting but Faye assures him that all will be well. On their way to the bus stop, Craig needs to pick up some books from home. The pair spot a pineapple on the table- his favourite fruit - a special treat from Beth for the meeting tonight.

"All set for the mediation tonight? I've just been tweeting about it"
"Not mentioning any names of course but just to let people know

 that my job's not all about planning consent. I do help bring families together, too"

The meeting quickly rolls around, with our pal Sal taking the central seat at her table of contrived hierarchy. Italian notebook in hand, Cllr Metcalfe encourages the mother and son to "smoke a pipe of peace". Mentioning the pineapple, Craig tells Beth he realises how much she's done for him. Craig pours his heart out to Beth. Concluding the meeting, Craig confides in Sally, who by this time is grinning like the Cheshire cat and nodding like a dashboard dog. Unfortunately, it soon transpires that Beth has not been listening to a word her son was saying and we find ourselves right back where we started.

"And how did that pineapple make you feel?"

Todd and Billy unfortunately never made it through their romantic getaway. As we know, in Monday's episode, Todd made a daft joke in the heat of the moment and Billy took it personally. This resulted in Todd storming out of the posh hotel room, frustrated with his boyfriend's sensitiveness. The pair of them separately trudge back to their homes, both feeling bemused and hurt. Where do broken hearts go when they can't find their way? They go to Eva Price, of course - relationship counsellor extraordinaire. Having found herself counselling Billy last night after the initial "incident", this Wednesday morning,  she finds herself marching towards a pathetic-looking Todd threatening to bang his and Billy's heads together.  Todd, having felt the wrath of the fabulous blonde, throws himself at the mercy of the church and goes to the vicarage. The pair kiss and make up and pick up where they left off last night. Although this part of the Billy/Todd storyline seemed a little empty and pointless, I'm all for Billy and Todd and Eva's intervention was fabulous. Everyone should have an Eva in their life.

"All right, lovebirds?
Will you just lean forward for a sec while I pull that Cupid's arrow out your backside?" 

There was another meeting in last night's episode, this time fortunately not headed by Sally.  It's the meeting at Weatherfield High to discuss the bullying that Bethany has been subjected to for months now. We've seen Bethany spiral out of control recently, obsessing over diet pills and workouts at the gym. Fortunately, Gary has been acting as Fairy Godmother, having learned about the bullying after a provoked Bethany attacked that bitch Lauren in the gym. However, things do not go as they should at this meeting either. Predictably, that bitch Lauren plays the innocent victim, with her blind mother backing her up all the way. The meeting ended with the two mothers opposite each other, brought to their feet with rage. Both girls are suspended until further notice. As if this wasn't enough injustice, later on, when Gary is walking Sarah home, he suggests there may be more going on with Bethany than she is aware of. Being a stubborn Platt, Sarah takes offense at this and slams the door in poor Gary's face.

"She's lying through her teeth and you're deluded"
"Oh, you shut it"
"You shut it!"

Elsewhere, Eileen got even more deluded in the arms of Pat and refused to listen to Todd, yet again. I can't report much more on that - it's just what happened. As well as all this, Gail was doing some tidying and has discovered the jacket that David was wearing when Kylie died in his arms. Still stained with his wife's blood, Gail is unsure that he is coping. I have to disagree. He'd probably want the jacket and Gail's original insistence on binning it was rather insensitive.  Oh, and over at the kebab shop, Gemma has been promoted to Assistant Manager after Dev noticed her lack of work ethic. Gemma is probably too thick to realise but since she and Chesney are the only people that work there, she was assistant manager anyway.

And that's it, I think. All of your Wednesday cobble drama. On the whole, it was an enjoyable episode. The caricature of Sally was on high, which always provokes a laugh and the school meeting scenes, although a little contrived, were brilliantly acted.

As always,

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C in Canada said...

I hope that Lauren gets put in her place. Not sure why they didn't show all the texts showing the bullying. I haven't seen this episode in Canada yet.

Anonymous said...

it's simple - if they showed all the bullying texts there would be no storyline, no friendship between Bethany & Gary & future love relationship with Sara.

Flo said...

I thought the same thing about the texts. As far as no storyline if they did, I don't agree. Just because she gets caught doesn't mean Lauren is going to stop. If anything, it could escalate to the next level. Think David.

Tvor said...

I don't understand why Bethany didn't change her phone number months ago. THat would, at least, have alleviated some of it. And if Lauren has always had it in for Bethany, why on earth would she have Bethany's phone number in the first place?

Anonymous said...

Contrived is the fact that Phelan roped Eileen in with the same ploy that Dev used the empty promotion to sway Gemma.
I thought Eileen was street savvy!
In the was sad to see how Dev bragged about manipulating Gemma when he should have been proud that he built up her self esteem.

Anonymous said...

After the way Sarah was so rude to him when he was voicing concerns about Bethany,if I were Gary,I would wash my hands of the Platts and focus on my son and getting back with Izzy.

Anonymous said...

Why in God's name doesn't Bethany just change schools! Is this bloody story line never, ever going to end! I am so sick of it.

C in Canada said...

Bethany shouldn't have to change schools just because of a bully.
Good point about Bethany's phone and why Lauren would have the # anyway.
Did they steal her phone at one point too? She would have gotten a new number then no?

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